License Pools: overview

  • Last update on September 22nd, 2023

The “License pools” feature allows you to distribute licenses to segments of your business, such as departments or countries, and to delegate responsibility for managing those licenses to local administrators. 

By assigning a specific set of licenses to any of these groups, operators can allocate licenses to users without worrying about exceeding any limits or budgets. Certain reports and features in CoreView, such as “License pools center” and “Restrict license assignment”, require you to have License Pools configured.

A distinctive feature of License Pools is their automatic configuration. Unlike Virtual Tenants or permissions, which need to be set up individually, with License Pools, you define the property for the breakdown, and they are automatically created based on that.

In the “License pools” section you have access to functionalities to manage pools, such as:

Furthermore, you can Organize columns according to your needs.

As “License pools” are linked to the “Operators'” roles, please visit the following pages to gain further information regarding “Operators,” roles and permissions: 

The License Pools configuration page can be accessed from the sidebar: SETTINGS > License Pools.

This screenshot shows how to access the license pools page from the sidebar.
Access the License pools page from the sidebar.