Edit License Pools configuration

  • Last update on September 25th, 2023

The “Edit pools configuration” feature lets you modify existing License Pool configurations. Additionally, the “License pools” tab allows you to edit License Pools individually by selecting the specific pool you want to edit.

Edit pool configuration

This functionality can be accessed from the “Manage pools” menu, as shown below:

By clicking the “Edit pool configuration” function, you will be able to modify the set configuration of existing License Pools. 

Please note that if you modify the “Filter level criteria”, the optimization center will not be able to display historical snapshots because they will be based on old criteria.


By clicking on the “License pool” name, you'll be directed to the “Summary” section of the “Edit configuration” panel. 


Edit a single License Pool

To edit a specific License Pool, just click on the license's name in the “Name” column. This will open the “Edit license pool” panel:

Edit license pool panel.

Here, by clicking on the pencil icon, or by navigating to the corresponding tab in the left panel menu, you can edit the details regarding:

  • General information
  • Operators
  • Licenses

Depending on whether you've chosen the “Enforce” or “Assign” mode, please refer to the respective sections linked below for additional information: