Operators: overview

  • Last update on December 4th, 2023

An operator in CoreView is defined as any individual in your organization who may have reason to log into CoreView for any valid business or technical reason. Operator accounts are created and maintained only by CoreView Tenant Admins and each Operator Profile can be configured to support any desired level of delegation.

CoreView enables you to view information on selected “operators” and their respective roles. It also facilitates the addition of new operators and the modification of existing operator accounts. This modification can include updates to their passwords, personal details, roles, and their association with “Virtual TenantsTM”, “Permission groups”, and “License pools”. The platform also supports the removal of selected operators. Furthermore, it allows for the exportation of the “Operators” list in an Excel or CSV format. “Operators” have the capability to configure regional settings for Time & Date Format within the portal.

Before delving deep into the functionalities related to “Operators,” visit the following pages for further information regarding “Operators,” roles and permissions:

Below are the functionalities we are going to view in the next sections: 

Furthermore, visit the How to create a TenantAdmin article for specific information about creating a “TenantAdmin”. 

This section can be accessed from the sidebar: SETTINGS > “Operators:” 

This screenshot shows how to access the operators page from the sidebar.
Access “Operators” from the sidebar.