CoreView Release Notes June 2024

  • Last update on July 10th, 2024

June 19 enhancements

[DEVICE REPORTS] “Execute workflow” action in Device reports 

We've introduced a direct “Execute workflow” action in the Manage panel of each Device report, allowing you to initiate workflows without leaving the report page. Enjoy simplified and faster device management! 


[PLAYBOOKS] Seamless policy reassignment on operator deletion 

A new pop-up window now alerts you when deleting operators who own policies, offering a dropdown for easy reassignment to other admins. Ensure no policy goes unmanaged, effortlessly maintaining continuous governance!


[UX] Playbook Tab enhancements in the Governance Center 

Now, the system automatically saves your preferred view (list or dashboard) in Playbook Tabs, with the list view as the initial default. Here, we've minimized distractions by closing the blue Filter Assistant panel by default, freeing up screen space and focusing attention on what matters most!


[USER CARD] New widget for Teams Voicemail management

A new “Voicemail” widget is now available in the User Card, making it simpler than ever to access and adjust Teams voicemail settings. From toggling voicemail status to managing greetings and voicemail policies, this widget is your one-stop solution for intuitive and efficient voicemail setting management, enhancing your user experience.


[MANAGEMENT ACTIONS] Enhanced Auto Attendant configuration 

Revolutionize your schedule setup with our improved Auto Attendant management actions. Introducing straightforward tools like quick-select business hours, weekend configurations, and a 24/7 operation toggle, alongside a clear display of total operational hours. Enjoy a simplified configuration process, ensuring a seamless experience that aligns with Microsoft's latest updates!


[ONBOARDING] Streamlined Endpoint Management integration

We've refined the onboarding experience by introducing an optional Endpoint Management consent, facilitating immediate integration with Intune. This improvement ensures a smoother setup process, allowing for comprehensive device and application management from day one!


[ENTRA ID APPS] New workflow action to delete app registrations 

We've introduced the workflow action “Delete app registration” to let you quickly and efficiently eliminate any application deemed harmful or unnecessary. With just a few clicks, maintain a secure, clutter-free, and optimized application environment tailored to your requirements.


[UX] Enhanced clarity for Mailbox widget, Permissions, and editing experience

We’ve introduced three improvements aimed at reducing confusion and enhancing the user experience:

  1.  We’ve fine-tuned the User Card's Mailbox widget for better understanding by renaming the labels to “Permissions to other mailboxes” and “Permissions to this mailbox”.
  1. We’ve streamlined the Permissions by removing the “Admin read only” category relevant only to tenant admins.

  1. We’ve eliminated unnecessary “Confirmation” pop-ups when no changes are made.

[UX] Effortless column reordering in reports 

Now, you can effortlessly reorder columns in large tables directly from the Column dropdown—no more tedious horizontal scrolling. Just hover over a column item in the dropdown to see the drag-and-drop icon and customize your table layout!


[UX] Improved menu navigation

We've revamped CoreView’s left panel navigation for a smoother experience. Now, navigation paths are clearly marked and expand vertically, reducing clicks and making it easier to backtrack. A new scroll feature also handles long menus efficiently, boosting both usability and productivity.


[SETTINGS] New “Support access” management feature

We've enhanced tenant security with a new “Support access” feature in Settings. You now have full control over CoreView operators’ access to your tenant. Create temporary credentials for your Account Manager for seamless implementation or for the Support Team to help. As a Tenant Admin, tailor access by selecting specific roles, V-tenants, or permissions. Delegated operators can provide access that matches their rights. Learn more. 


[PARTNER APP] Automatic Trial-to-Production transition

We've automatically upgraded our subscription model to shift customer trials to production after 14 days. With pre-conversion notifications and the new “Manage subscription upgrade” feature, MSPs have complete control to adjust or opt out for any customer, streamlining the process for everyone involved.


June 5 enhancements

[IF/ELSE] Introducing “Move to position” to branching workflows 

We’ve enhanced the “Move to position” feature to fully embrace If/Else conditions. Now, moving actions within, into, or out of If/Else branches is extremely intuitive. Furthermore, the new “Move into condition” toggle simplifies integrating actions into specific branches. Enjoy effortless workflow customization! Learn more. 


[WORKFLOWS] Improved filter feature for workflows 

We have reintroduced a revamped version of the “Filter” feature to the workflow editor, allowing you to apply filters seamlessly across your workflows. Now, you can apply filters to conditional actions, regular actions, and sequences, streamlining workflow management without complex workarounds. Learn more. 


[PLAYBOOKS] New policy ownership update 

Introducing a seamless way for Tenant admins to update policy ownership directly from the Policy box. With the new “Owner” label and “Edit owner” functionality, changing policy owners is now straightforward, ensuring uninterrupted policy management. Learn more. 


[PLAYBOOKS] Improved policy exception management 

We’ve introduced a streamlined approach to managing policy exceptions with the new “Action” column in the Exception report. Now, users can quickly access detailed insights or remove exceptions through straightforward options, enhancing efficiency and clarity in policy management. Learn more. 


[GOVERNANCE CENTER] Custom widget creation in Playbook tabs

The “Create custom widget” feature is now extended to all Playbook tabs, enabling you to design widgets exactly where needed. Plus, policy widget creation has been refined, with policies being intelligently filtered to match the selected Playbook. Simplify access to key information, enhancing your workflow efficiency. Learn more. 


[GOVERNANCE CENTER] Enhanced UX in the Governance Center 

We've enhanced the Governance Center with three key updates to streamline your experience. 

  1. A new modal aids in navigating unpinned Playbooks, providing clear instructions for maintaining visibility. 
  2. We've introduced widget skeletons as visual indicators during data loading, eliminating confusion over data availability. 
  1. We've added a vertical scrollable legend to charts, ensuring long legend texts are fully visible and easily scannable. Enjoy these UI improvements for a more intuitive and efficient interaction with the Governance Center.

[HOLIDAY ACTIONS] Simplified Holiday management in Auto Attendant 

To address the challenge of deleting holidays assigned within the auto attendant, we’ve added a new holiday management and workflow action, “Unassign holiday”. This enhancement provides a seamless way to list all holiday assignments, unassign them individually, or use the “Remove all” option for bulk action. Streamline your holiday management process, save time, and minimize errors with this intuitive workflow action. Learn more. 

This enhancement was inspired by a CoreVoice idea.


[TEAMS] New Teams policy management widget in User Card 

Introducing a new widget for an improved Teams policy management experience. Designed for administrators, “Teams policies” centralizes policy adjustments directly from user cards, enhancing efficiency, productivity, and compliance adherence effortlessly. Learn more. 


[ENTRA ID APP REPORTS] New reports for enhanced app permissions visibility (2)

We've introduced three new reports under “Entra ID applications”:

  •  “App registrations”: this report offers a detailed list of the apps created by your organization. It displays app and delegated permission counts, expiration status of secrets, owners, and sign-in audience. Plus, a new “Is app registration” filter is now available in the “Service principals” report.
  • App secrets”: this report provides an overview of the app secrets within your tenant. This allows you to easily identify and act on apps with expired or soon-to-expire secrets, ensuring uninterrupted management in CoreView.
  • App registration delegated permissions”: this report outlines all permissions requested by apps to admins or users. It shows all the permissions (“Value”) assigned to each app across specified Resources, simplifying permission management.

These updates aim to make managing your app registrations more streamlined and transparent. Learn more.


[OPTIMIZATION CENTER] Streamlined duplicated plan management 

Directly edit licenses and properties from the “Duplicated plans” tab in the Optimization Center. Select a user and instantly access all management actions—say goodbye to toggling between different sections! Learn more. 


[SHAREPOINT] Streamlined SharePoint site membership management 

We’ve introduced a new feature that transforms SharePoint site membership management. Now you can run workflows directly from the “SharePoint site members” report, significantly reducing manual efforts and the risk of errors. This enhancement ensures a quicker adaptation to membership changes, improving site security and access management efficiency.


[PARTNER APP] Notice for MSPs: Deprecation of legacy SKUs 

Legacy SKUs, including “CoreAdmin” and “CoreSecurity”, are now deprecated and cannot be assigned to new customers. Rest assured, existing customers currently utilizing these SKUs will continue to enjoy their functionality without interruption.


[DARK MODE] Introducing dark mode for the CoreView app

Elevate your viewing experience with our new “Dark mode” feature, designed for users who prefer the elegance and comfort of dark-themed applications. Navigate to “My profile” and toggle effortlessly between light and dark modes to suit your preference and enjoy a visually pleasing interface tailored to your needs.

This enhancement was inspired by a CoreVoice idea.