CoreView Release Notes March 2024

  • Last update on March 27th, 2024

March 27 enhancements

[PLAYBOOKS] Enhanced playbook alert clarity

Now, playbook alert emails will feature the tenant's name prominently in both the subject line and at the beginning of the email body. Quickly identify which tenant triggered an alert, streamlining your response process and saving valuable time!


[WORKFLOWS] Workflow email editor style upgrade 

Exciting update for our workflow email editor: you can now customize images, resize tables, and style them to match your organization's branding. Create engaging, professional emails with ease!

This enhancement was inspired by a CoreVoice idea.


[MANAGEMENT ACTIONS] Enhanced dynamic group management

We've upgraded our Microsoft 365 and Security group reports to ensure a seamless experience. Now, when viewing dynamic group reports, you won't see actions for managing these groups if they can't be performed, avoiding potential confusion and mistakes!

This enhancement was inspired by a CoreVoice idea.


[MANAGEMENT ACTIONS / WORKFLOWS] Create dynamic security groups in CoreView

You can now create dynamic security groups directly in CoreView, eliminating the detour to the Microsoft Admin Center. This new feature allows for efficient group management through both actions and workflows, streamlining your processes. 

Note: This feature comes with a new “Preview” badge. It signals that more refinements are on the way and that your feedback is especially valuable at this stage!


[WORKFLOWS] Simplified “Edit user properties” workflow action

Editing cloud users just got easier! The “Edit user properties” action now requires only the User Principal Name, streamlining data entry. It smartly edits or clears the selected fields based on your input, leaving unselected fields untouched. 

Note: To prevent confusion, the action to edit on-premises user properties has been renamed to “Edit on-premises user properties”.


[USER CARD] Clarified group membership in User Cards 

We've added a new “Dynamic membership” column to user card reports to differentiate between direct and dynamic group memberships. Moreover, quick “Remove user” actions are disabled for dynamic memberships, simplifying management and reducing errors!


[REPORTS] Enhanced Subscription Center automation 

New automation features have arrived in the Subscription Center! Now you can schedule reports, create custom policies, export in PDF, and save custom reports including from the “Subscription history” tab.


[GRAPH] Transition from Azure AD PowerShell module 

With Microsoft phasing out the Azure Active Directory PowerShell module, follow our updated “Granting permissions for Graph application to manage password resets” guidelines to maintain uninterrupted functionality.


[HYBRID] Windows Server 2022 support for Hybrid Connector 

We now support the 2022 version of Windows Server for the Hybrid Connector, offering the latest and most secure experience out there. This is now available for new and existing hybrid customers.


[WORKFLOWS] Streamlined mailbox workflows with unified UPN

Now, “Create mailbox” and “Edit mailbox” workflow actions feature a single, required UPN field for easier entry (e.g., Existing workflows will adopt this simpler format upon editing, enhancing your efficiency. 


[MANAGEMENT ACTIONS] Introducing individual Teams Policy management 

We've renamed the “Manage Teams Policies” action to “Manage Teams Policies in bulk” for clearer functionality distinction. Additionally, a new “Manage Teams Policies” action is launched for individual user management, ensuring policies for a selected user are immediately visible on the same page. This update introduces a one-user selection mechanism, renames columns for better clarity, organizes policies alphabetically, and ensures a comprehensive display of all policy options.

This enhancement was inspired by a CoreVoice idea.


[PARTNER APP] Quick upgrade to Production account in Partner App 

Introducing a swift way for distributors to upgrade trial accounts to full production directly in the Partner App. The new “Convert to production account” action simplifies the process, with expiration settings and automatic SKU inheritance from the distributor.



March 18 enhancements

[WORKFLOWS] Improved workflow logic with conditional actions

Say hello to a clearer workflow creation process with our new “Condition (If/Else)” action, featuring an easy-to-understand Yes/No branching UI. This upgrade replaces the previous “Filter” action, offering a more intuitive way to build your workflows. Plus, you can still craft complex logical sequences using the “Filter” feature within the branch actions only. Get ready for a smoother, smarter workflow experience! Learn more.

This enhancement was inspired by a CoreVoice idea.


[WORKFLOWS] Enhanced “DateTime” execution input

We've upgraded the “DateTime” execution input! Now, Tenant admins and Workflow operators can input precise date and time details, enhancing the efficiency of your time-sensitive workflows. 

This enhancement was inspired by a CoreVoice idea.


[WORKFLOWS] Streamlined workflow publishing with “Save and publish”

Speed up your workflow creation and updates with our new “Save and publish” button. This convenient feature merges two steps into one, allowing you to instantly publish your workflows with a single click. 

This enhancement was inspired by a customer request.


[GOVERNANCE CENTER] New “Manage tab” for custom playbook layout 

Discover the power of customization in the Governance Center with our new “Manage tab”. Click “Customize” to access and organize your Playbooks with ease. Pin your favorites, rearrange them to suit your workflow, and see your personal touch reflected on the Governance dashboard. Your layout, your rules! Learn more.

This enhancement was inspired by a CoreVoice idea.


[PLAYBOOKS] Customizable approval email for predefined policies

We’ve enhanced more existing Out-of-the-Box policies to support customizable approval emails.

 View the documentation for a full list of updated policies. 


[MENU] Health Check and Playbook relocation

Access Health Check and Playbooks directly from the Governance Center, as they have been removed from the side panel menu.


[MANAGEMENT ACTIONS] Extended group removal action

Enhancing our offboarding process, we’ve expanded the “Remove users from all groups” workflow action. Now, it not only removes users from standard groups but also from all distribution, security, and Microsoft 365 groups they're members of. Get ready for a cleaner, more efficient user offboarding experience! 

Note: this feature is currently available for cloud users, but we're working to extend it to on-premises users as well.  


[WORKFLOWS] Simplified workflow user creation

Creating users via workflow is now easier with just three required inputs: Display name, User Principal Name, and Password. Enjoy a smoother workflow setup!


[SETTINGS] New license management delegation toggle 

We're excited to roll out a new feature that strikes the perfect balance in license management. With our latest “Allow Global license operators to manage license pools” toggle option, Global license role operators can now fully manage license pools without full Tenant admin rights. Autonomy and efficiency at its best!

This enhancement was inspired by a CoreVoice idea.


[LICENSE POOLS] Quick license overview with “Select all” function 

We've streamlined license management with a new “Select all” checkbox in the “Advanced Filter” settings of the License Pool Center. Quickly gain a snapshot of all licenses or effortlessly focus on a selected few, all with a single click!


[LICENSE POOLS] License Pool Center update

The old “License pools” tab has been removed, and the “New license pools” tab has been renamed to “License pools” for clarity and ease of use. 


[WORKFLOWS] New Teams policy name dropdown selector

Say goodbye to the hassle of memorizing policy names! We've introduced a dropdown menu for selecting Teams policies once the policy type is defined. This user-friendly feature eliminates manual entry and makes it a breeze to manage workflows.

This enhancement was inspired by a CoreVoice idea.


[MANAGEMENT ACTIONS] Simplified email forwarding management

Removing an SMTP forwarding address is now a breeze with our updated UI. We've added a clear remove icon directly within the input field, ensuring you can quickly and easily clear any unwanted forwarding addresses!


[ONBOARDING] Enhanced onboarding with service account options

Onboarding with CoreView just got more flexible! Users now have the choice to bypass automatic service account creation. By selecting “More about service account creation”, a detailed popup provides all the necessary information to either manually initiate service accounts or proceed with the standard setup. Tailor your CoreView integration for a setup that fits your unique environment. Learn more.


[GROUP CARD] Quick member check for group assignments 

We've made assigning V-tenants and permissions to groups clearer! Simply click on an icon to view group members. The group card will open in a new tab for a swift verification, even for nested groups. 


[PARTNER APP] Direct partner onboarding in the Partner App

We're excited to announce a new capability for distributors and higher-tier organizations within the Partner App. With the “Add partner” action, initiate partner trials effortlessly, and when ready, use “Convert to production account” to upgrade their status. Expand your partner network with ease and speed! Learn more.


[MULTI-TENANT HUB] Introducing the Multi-Tenant Hub

Multi-Tenant companies with Suite subscriptions can now streamline their tenant management through our newly launched Multi-Tenant Hub. Accessible at, the hub presents a unified platform for management tasks, mirroring the convenience of the Partner App.

Note: Availability for GOV companies is on the horizon—stay tuned for updates.