• Last update on March 18th, 2024

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The Filter function has been upgraded to the Condition (If/Else) action, offering an enhanced Yes/No branching user interface. However, the Filter function remains available for use within Condition (If/Else) branches, allowing for the creation of intricate logical sequences.


This function allows you to establish the conditions necessary for a workflow step to be executed. You can tailor the execution of your workflow based on several workflow variables, such as a specific execution input or the response to a multi-choice action.

To set up this function, click “Filter” next to the action and an “Only execute if…” modal window will open. Within the modal, follow these steps:

  1. Choose a workflow variable under “Property”.
  2. Select the logical operator you want to apply under “Operator”: AND or OR.
  3. Specify the value, that is the specific element being evaluated against the filter.
  4. Add additional logical operators using the “And” and “Or” buttons.

To explore logical operators, let's examine a couple of examples:


In this case, the action will be executed if at least one of the two properties is true: the user does not work in retail OR their first name field is not empty.


In this case, the action will be executed only if both properties are true: the user works in retail AND their last name is not Smith.