Virtual tenant sensitive reports

  • Last update on January 8th, 2024

Reports that are currently virtual tenant sensitive:

Reports Report Name Virtual Tenant Sensitive
OPERATIONAL REPORTS Microsoft 365 Service Health  
Service Health Issue  
Microsoft 365 Messages  
DirSync Errors  
Deleted Users  
User Analyzer
Guest Users
Partial Import Users
Inactive Guest Users
Disabled Users
Created by
GROUP REPORTS Distribution Groups
Distribution Groups Size
 accepting External mail
Distribution Group Members
Distribution Group Inactive
Microsoft 365 Groups
Microsoft 365 Groups Members
Microsoft 365 Groups Activity
Microsoft 365 Deleted Groups  
Security Groups
Security Group Members
Empty distribution groups
Empty Microsoft 365 groups
Empty Security groups
LICENSE REPORTS Active Subscription  
Saving Opportuinities   
Subscriptions History  
License by User
User without License
License Pool  
License Pool Cost  
License Pool Snapshots  
User without License
Service Usage  
Software Licenses
Microsoft 365 Installations
Microsoft 365 Active Users
Microsoft 365 apps usage
License History  
Duplicated Plans
Disabled Licensed Users
DEVICE REPORTS User with Mobile Devices
Mobile Devices
Quarantined Mobile Devices
Mobile Device by Policy
Not compliant intune devices
Windows Autopilot import status  
Policy Application Status
Intune devices
Intune bitlocker keys
Bitlocker keys
Not compliant devices
EXCHANGE REPORTS Exchange Inactive Mailboxes
Email Addresses
Mailbox Sizes
Archive Sizes
Recipients By Type
Recipients Over Time  
Users with Archive mailbox
Users Audit Status
Users with Forwarding
Users with Auto Reply
Exchange Dashboard
Mailboxes without License
Users by Connection Type
Exchange Email Activity
Exchange Email App Usage
Exchange Mailbox Usage
Calendar Permissions
Users by retention policy
Shared Mailboxes Without Delegates
Message Trace
Quarantined messages
SHAREPOINT REPORTS SharePoint Site Usage  
SharePoint Site Activity
SharePoint Inactive Users
SharePoint Activity
SharePoint Recycle Bin  
SharePoint Owners  
SharePoint Site Members  
ONEDRIVE REPORTS OneDrive with Multiple Owners
OneDrive Inactive Users
OneDrive Dashboard Only Top Users Widget filtered
OneDrive Activity Over Time
OneDrive Owners
OneDrive Sizes
OneDrive Shared With External Users
OneDrive Activity
OneDrive Statistics
TEAMS REPORTS Teams User Activity
Teams Users
Teams Dashboard Some widget/graph not filtered
Teams Device Usage
Teams Groups
Teams Channels
Teams Members
Empty Teams Groups
Teams Groups without Owners
Teams Emergency Location  
Teams External Members
Teams Inactive Users
Teams Groups Activity
TEAMS VOICE User Call Quality
Call Quality
Quality Call Dashboard
Teams Voice Users
Phone Numbers
Voice Usage
Auto attendant
Call queues 
YAMMER REPORTS Yammer Activity
Yammer Goup Activity  
Yammer Device Usage
SECURITY REPORTS User Mailbox Security
Users on Litigation Hold
Deleted Mailboxes on Litigation Hold
All users password settings
Users Password Settings
Administrative Roles
Licensed users with Admin Roles
Users with Admin Roles
User Accessing Multiple Mailboxes
Mailboxes with Delegates
Spam & Malware Traffic  
Top Senders & Receivers
Mail Traffic by User
Low Traffic Mailboxes
Malware Detail 
External vs Internal