Error: unable to manage licenses

  • Last update on November 27th, 2023


When managing one or multiple users’ licenses, operators encounter the following error message and cannot proceed. 

This issue can have two different causes.  

First reason: delegation

The first and most common reason is delegation. Operators cannot perform management actions as they are not entitled to manage the license pool to which the user belongs. Even if the operator can see that user in the “Active users” report, that user belongs to a license pool the operator isn’t allowed to manage.  

Second reason: different license pools

The second reason for this error to occur is when operators try to manage the licenses for multiple users belonging to different license pools. The bulk action can be executed only on users from the same license pool. 


To determine which of the two reasons it is, proceed with the following checks:

  • In case your operators are facing the issue: “Settings” > “Operators
  • In case you are facing this issue on your account: “My profile” > “License pools” 

Then, check which license pool the user belongs to from the “Active users’” report, reviewing the “License pool group name”.

It may take from 30 minutes to 1 day, starting from the last full import, to see newly added users in the correct license pool. This time is based on license pool configuration. For more details regarding license pool update frequency check the article understanding data import.