Custom actions: forbidden and warning values

  • Last update on February 15th, 2024

Forbidden commands

If one of the forbidden commands in the script is used while defining a custom action, the operator will receive the following message and the custom action will not be saved:

Here is the list of forbidden commands:

  • Exit
  • VirtualAlloc  
  • CreateThread 
  • GetDelegateForFunctionPointer  
  • Throw    
  • powershell.exe  
  • Set-MpPreference
  • InteropServices.Marshal  
  • Reflection.Assembly.Load  

Warning commands

When defining a custom action, if one of the warning commands in the script is used, the operator will receive the following message:

Although the custom action will still be saved, we recommend updating it with alternative commands.

Here is the list of warning commands:  

  • Sleep 
  • Start-Sleep    

It's advisable to avoid using curly braces “{ }” when creating custom actions in the CoreView app.


All custom actions will undergo review and approval by the CoreView Support team. The checks will focus on cmdlets that could potentially impact the overall CoreView infrastructure, such as retrieving numerous objects to filter one, using extended sleep commands, and so on. However, the CoreView team will not verify whether a custom action is functioning within a customer's tenant.