PowerShell versions and features supported by CoreView

  • Last update on May 9th, 2024

This article details the versions and features of PowerShell that CoreView supports for creating custom actions within the app.

PowerShell modules 

 Here are the PowerShell modules currently supported by CoreView:

  • Exchange Online 
  • Exchange on-premises (Hybrid Connector needed) 
  • MsOlService 
  • Active Directory (Hybrid Connector needed) 
  • Azure Active Directory 
  • Microsoft Teams 
  • Security and Compliance 
  • SharePoint (Feature Flag needed)  
  • Graph PowerShell

If you need to create a custom action that performs on-premises Exchange commands and you have a single forest, you must add the prefix “O365”. This prefix is crucial to avoid naming conflicts that could arise when a different module has the same command name. For example, “Get-Mailbox” in CoreView would become “Get-O365Mailbox”.


Required PowerShell versions

CoreView only supports specific versions of PowerShell. Please ensure that your script has been tested against the following versions: 

Module Version
MicrosoftTeams 6.1.0
Microsoft.Graph 1.28.0
ExchangeOnlineManagement 3.4.0
Microsoft.Online.SharePoint.PowerShell 16.0.20616.12000
SharePointPnPPowerShellOnline 3.26.2010.0

Microsoft has announced the deprecation of AzureAD and MSOnline cmdlets. If you're using these, consider updating your scripts to utilize the Graph API instead. Microsoft provides documentation to assist in mapping current functions to new ones.