CoreView Release Notes July 2023

  • Last update on September 19th, 2023

July 19th Enhancements

  • [WORKFLOWS] No More Permission Requests for Workflow Owners –We've restored full access rights to operators for the workflows they create, mirroring our LegacyUX. This eliminates permission requests to tenant admins, fostering a more efficient workflow process.
    Learn more about Workflow roles and duties
  • [WORKFLOWS] New “Approval Rejected” Status – We've introduced the “Approval Rejected” status for workflows containing an operator approval action. Now, you can easily differentiate between rejected and failed workflows!
    Learn more about Workflow actions with operator approval.
  • [PLAYBOOKS] Enhanced Playbook Strategic Dashboard – We've introduced weekly data snapshots in the Playbooks’ “Strategic dashboard”. Now, tenant admins can fine-tune a few widgets for a more tailored data experience.
    Learn more about Playbooks’ Strategic Dashboard
  • [MANAGE MFA] Streamlined Authentication Management – Access and configure various phone authentication methods like SMS sign-in on the Manage MFA page, even with MFA disabled. The new reset option also provides added flexibility for deleting unwanted numbers.
    Learn more about how to manage MFA in CoreView.
    This enhancement was inspired by a UserVoice Idea.
  • [USER CARD] SharePoint, OneDrive, and Yammer Tabs Update – When reviewing a User Card, you can now find new columns for "Site type" and "Is Teams site" in the “SharePoint site owners” tab. Plus, you can perform all related actions directly from the management panel.
  • [CUSTOM ACTIONS] Simplified Custom Actions Lookup – We've upgraded error tracking for custom actions. Now you can conveniently search for custom actions using their ID from the error logs, making troubleshooting a breeze.
    This enhancement was inspired by a UserVoice Idea.
  • [MANAGEMENT ACTIONS] New Quick “Submit” Button in Action Wizard – We've added a quick “Submit” button to every page within the management action wizard. Now, you can swiftly perform specific actions or updates without having to navigate through all sections.
  • [INBOX RULES] Expanded Inbox Rules Monitoring – We've broadened InboxRules tracking to include "RedirectTo" and "ForwardAsAttachmentTo", storing all related recipients in the Users report's "ForwardingTo Rules" properties. 
    Learn more about Forwarding inbox rules

July 11th Enhancements

  • [HEALTH CHECK] Customizable Health Check Data Export – You can now automatically export Health Check data! Share the widget overview, including policies, and brand the report with your logo. Learn more about the Health Check export functionality

July 5th Enhancements

  • [PLAYBOOKS] New SharePoint and OneDrive policies are out! – We're excited to announce the launch of three new SharePoint and OneDrive management playbook policies. For more information, please refer to the article in our Knowledge Base.
  • [PLAYBOOKS] Playbook Approval Email Redesign for Enhanced Clarity – We've updated the playbook approval email structure to provide a more user-friendly experience. The new format features policy-specific content and a "Choose Your Option" button, replacing the confusing "tick" icons and ensuring a more efficient approval process.
    Discover how to configure an attestation.
  • [PLAYBOOKS] No More Exceptions in “Send Report” Remediation Action – We've resolved the issue of exceptions being included in scheduled reports when a policy is configured with the "Send Report" remediation action and the "Send When" field is marked as "Is Not Empty". Enjoy receiving relevant reports without any unwanted exceptions!
    Learn more about Playbook remediation actions
  • [PLAYBOOKS] New Policy for Segregating M365 Admins with Exchange Plans – To assist you in separating admin accounts from regular user accounts, we've created the "M365 Administrators with Exchange Plans" policy in the Security & Identity section. Now, you can configure this policy to generate insightful reports on users who are both admins and have Exchange plans. Plus, you can even set it up to send these reports straight to a mailbox.
  • [WORKFLOWS] Faster Task Progress Review with Visible Parameters – We've made reviewing Task Progress more efficient for operators by displaying parameters as column tags. Spot issues and identify patterns without the need for those pesky extra clicks!
  • [PARTNER PORTAL] Quick Access to Customer Tenants from Partner Portal – Good news, partners! We've simplified the process for accessing your customers' tenants on CoreView. You'll now find a convenient link icon next to each customer on the "Customers" page in the Partner Portal. One click, and you'll be directed to CoreView in a new tab with the customer's tenant pre-selected in the "Tenant Selector". Enjoy the enhanced experience!