CoreView Release Notes August 2023

  • Last update on March 7th, 2024

August 23rd Enhancements

  • [PLAYBOOKS] New additional Exchange playbook policies unveiled! – Say hello to our new playbook policies: “Distribution groups without owners” to handle unassigned groups, and “Mailboxes with external forwarding” to combat external forwarding.
    For more insight, check out our article on Exchange Management policies.
  • [WORKFLOWS] Enhanced email editor interface – We've redesigned all workflow actions that include the email editor. The “Code view” button now sits proudly in the toolbar, ready to assist you in your HTML editing endeavors. No more hide and seek!
  • [WORKFLOWS] Workflow action limit introduced – We've set a 50-action limit per workflow. Existing workflows won't be affected, but try adding more and a friendly reminder about potential performance slowdowns will pop up. Keep it efficient, keep it under 50!
  • [WORKFLOWS] Improved workflow selection visibility – Running a workflow from a report just got easier! We've dressed your selected workflow in a darker shade of blue, making your choice unmistakably clear. Say goodbye to selection mix-ups!

August 2nd Enhancements

  • [TASK PANEL] Streamlined Workflow Execution Access – We've simplified access to the workflow executions list. With just one click from the Task panel, now you can view and troubleshoot your workflow executions, reducing navigation and saving time!
  • [DISTRIBUTION GROUPS] Improved Distribution Group Search – In the Add Distribution Groups Members management action, we've improved the search system for adding new members. Operators can now efficiently search for users and groups using either UPN or display names. Both options are displayed in the suggester dropdown for accurate member selection.
  • [HEALTH CHECK] Weekly Policy Graph Configuration – We've upgraded the Health Check widgets. Now you can set up the policy graph to present data weekly, gaining more flexibility and control over your data visualization.
    Learn more about policy monitoring.
  • [AUDIT] Playbook Activities in Operator Audit Actions – All Playbook activities are now included in CoreView’s Audit log. This enhancement allows users to effectively track and monitor actions performed by operators using playbooks.
  • [WORKFLOWS] New Manage Phone Authentication Workflow Actions – We've added three key actions for phone authentication: “Add”, “Edit”, and “Remove”, to simplify your onboarding and offboarding workflows.
    Learn more on how to manage phone authentication methods.
  • [WORKFLOWS] Customizable Timeout Behavior in “Operator Approval with Policy Exception” Action – We've added an optional toggle to the user interface of the “Operator approval with policy exception” action. This enhancement empowers operators to define whether the workflow should proceed with the action if the recipient doesn’t provide an answer before the timeout.
  • [PLAYBOOKS] Clarified Approval Process for Out-of-the-Box Policies – We've added a toggle option, “Proceed automatically to the next action when Approval is timed out”, under the TimeOut box in the Edit panel for Tenant admins editing Out-of-the-Box policies. The info icon and tooltip clarify the Approval action's behavior based on the toggle's state, streamlining the approval process when the recipient doesn't provide an answer.
  • [PLAYBOOKS] Enhanced Workflow Progress Tracking – We've upgraded the “Workflow progress by policy” widget in the Operational dashboard. Now, clicking “See details” and selecting a value reveals the execution list from the Workflow section, providing a detailed view of execution progress.
  • [PLAYBOOKS] New Approval Rejected Status in Workflow Progress Widget – Introducing the “Approval Rejected” status in the “Workflow progress by policy” widget. Now, you can easily distinguish between rejected and failed workflows, streamlining your remediation process!
  • [GRAPH MANAGEMENT] Enhanced Graph Management in Organization Settings – We've upgraded the “Graph management” under “Organization settings”. Operators can now conveniently review permissions granted to CoreView and access a Knowledge Base article for guidance on granting additional permissions.
  • [REPORTS] Create Charts Directly in CoreView – We've integrated a powerful data visualization tool into CoreView. Now, you can create pivot charts directly from selected reports, eliminating the need for data export and third-party apps.
    Discover how to create in-app charts.
    This enhancement was inspired by a UserVoice idea.
  • [SETTINGS] New Quick “Submit” Button in Settings Wizard – A quick “Submit” button has been added to every page within the settings wizard. Now, you can swiftly perform specific actions or updates without having to navigate through all sections!
  • [SETTINGS] New “Feedback” Role for Operators – A new "Feedback" operator role has been integrated to allow you to control which operators can submit enhancement suggestions to CoreView.
    Note: This feature is being released in advance of a new portal for submitting and managing enhancement requests. More information will be coming soon.
  • [CUSTOMER MANAGEMENT PORTAL] Enhanced MSP Customer Onboarding – We've introduced a new onboarding flow exclusively for MSPs to add new customers. Now partners can autonomously create customers and promote them to production, add SKUs, and set expiration dates. In addition, they can view onboarding statuses in the new “Pending customers” tab.
    Learn more on how to onboard customers as an MSP.