Release 21.11 Key Features

  • Last update on September 19th, 2023

Ringing in the Holiday Season with a New Look and Updated Workflows

Just like Santa's elves, our development team have been tinkering in their workshops to create a few holiday surprises for you and your team.

Here are some key highlights for this month's release:

Workflow Management Action Improvements

Peek under the tree and find yet another set of management actions to help you better manage your organization. This round adds to a total of 53 new management actions since August. We've added:

  • New Mailbox actions - assign and remove calendar permissions
  • New User actions - remove guest user, remove user from recycle bin, and restore user
  • New Teams actions - remove Teams Auto Attendant and remove Teams Call Queue
  • Workflows - "Retrieve data from object" action in workflow can now list group owners

Workflow Updates – Behind the Curtain (all the details)

Mailbox Actions

  • Schedule auto reply
  • Remove calendar permissions
  • Assign calendar permission role
  • Assign calendar permissions

User Actions

  • Manage service plans
  • Remove guest user
  • Remover user from recycle bin
  • Restore user

Teams Actions

  • Remove Teams Auto Attendant
  • Remove Teams Call Queue

Hybrid Updates

For customers managing on-premises Active Directory, we've added the ability for hybrid customers to create and edit up to 30 Custom Attributes. And this doesn't just apply to on-premises; now our cloud-only customers can also map up to 30 attributes with additional Data Types in Organizational Settings. Finally, you can now give your mapped attributes a friendly name, or nickname, to be used in management actions, making it easier for Operators to understand.

Stocking Stuffers

Here are some extra little treats our development elves have been working on:

  • UserCard Updates - the UserCard will now automatically display the most recent and most used actions performed by the Operator to make repetitive tasks easier
  • Simplified Way to Set OneDrive Quota - we've added Set OneDrive Quota to the Management panel
  • License Widget Improvements - the License Widget now allows Operators to order licenses by status, inactive, active, and unknown
  • On-Premises Distribution Groups - Operators can now Add Contacts to on-premises distribution groups (for hybrid customers)
  • Better Device Reporting - report on all Autopilot devices within Endpoint Manager, even if they're not enrolled in Intune, with the Windows Autopilot devices report
  • New License Pool Summary report - This report combines data from the license pool and license pool cost reports to simplify the process of chargebacks; includes the ability to configure the Microsoft SKUs that are displayed within the report, as well as flexible scheduling, so you can automatically generate chargeback reports on the last day of the month. This makes generating a report of only those SKUs that need to be cross charged to different parts of your organization easier than ever.