August 2022 Release Notes

  • Last update on September 19th, 2023

Starting in August 2022, CoreView is moving to a continuous deployment model, meaning that new features, bug fixes and product improvements will be released on an ongoing basis. Release notes will be updated as new capabilities are released.

August 23 Enhancements

SharePoint reports improvement 

With the SharePoint usage, SharePoint activity, & SharePoint owners reports, it is now possible to see the site admins for each site. Having the admins available as part of the report makes it easier to create workflows for SharePoint related activity, assigning tasks to the site administrators to take action.  

Subscription Expiration Notifications (UserVoice

Going forward subscription expiration notifications will only be displayed to Tenant Administrators. 

Teams Private Channel Reporting Improvements 

With Private and Shared channels, previously it was not possible to see the number of guest and external users who had been added to those channels, making it extremely difficult to manage and ensure people didn’t have access to inappropriate information. This enhancement now identifies guest and external users of private channels so that they can be more readily identified and removed. 

New Endpoint Manager action – Assign Group Tag 

For a device to be Autopilot enabled, a deployment profile needs to be assigned, and to create a deployment profile a Group Tag must be assigned. This release introduces a new management action that provides the ability to add a group tag to one or multiple devices. In addition, the group tag is available as a column in the Devices report. This is also an action that can be performed as part of a workflow.  

Workflow Improvements 

  • As part of managing SharePoint through workflow, the first step is often the creation of the Site, and then subsequent steps update that site. However, one of the limitations of the CreateSharePointTeamSite or CreateSharePointTeamSite actions was that you could use the site you just created as a variable in subsequent steps. That has been addressed. Now for example, if my second step of the workflow was to assign Site owners, I could use the URL from the site I just created in the first step as input to the second step.  
  • In addition, Custom attributes can now be set as part of the workflow, enabling more user updates to be automated and avoiding the need for manual intervention.

New UX Improvements 

Saved Pivot reports 

With pivot reports, it is now possible to save your configuration as a custom report and add it as one of your favorites in order to make it easier to access in the future.  

License Management Centers 

With the New UX, license management reporting has been redesigned to focus on several key “centers” or focus areas for license related reporting. This includes license pools, subscriptions, and M365 applications. Within each center are several reports organized as tabs at the top of the page. The goal of this design is to group a variety of related reports together to make it easier to find the information you are looking for on each of these topics.  

License Pools center 

The License pools center contains reports on license and cost distribution as well as monthly snapshot comparisons. You can rapidly look at licenses by pool or by SKU. Tenant admins can more easily distribute licenses across pools. License pool reports also now have capabilities for hiding SKUs, for scheduling reports, for saving custom configurations, and for exporting data.  

Microsoft 365 Pro Plus center 

The Microsoft 365 Pro Plus center brings together reports on Microsoft 365 installations, Microsoft Apps licenses, M365 App usage, and M365 App Active users.

Subscriptions center 

The Subscriptions center brings together the active subscriptions report as well as subscription history. From this report, you can set the price per unit for each SKU as well as different prices for any SKU that has multiple SKUs. These prices provide the foundation for any cross-charging you may do to departments or business units for license usage.  

Optimization center 

The Optimization center is where you’ll head to identify license saving opportunities. From this report you can review unused, duplicated or over-allocated licenses and take action to keep your license consumption under control. 

August 2 Enhancements 

New Teams Usage fields  

CoreView has added a number of additional fields to the Teams Usage reports providing customers with greater insight on Teams adoption and behavior. This includes the following fields:  

  • Report Refresh Date 
  • Tenant Display Name 
  • Shared Channel Tenant Display Names 
  • User Id 
  • User Principal Name 
  • Last Activity Date 
  • Is Deleted 
  • Deleted Date 
  • Assigned Products 
  • Team Chat Message Count 
  • Private Chat Message Count 
  • Call Count 
  • Meeting Count 
  • Post Messages 
  • Reply Messages 
  • Urgent Messages 
  • Meetings Organized Count 
  • Meetings Attended Count 
  • Ad Hoc Meetings Organized Count 
  • Ad Hoc Meetings Attended Count 
  • Scheduled One-time Meetings Organized Count 
  • Scheduled One-time Meetings Attended Count 
  • Scheduled Recurring Meetings Organized Count 
  • Scheduled Recurring Meetings Attended Count 
  • Audio Duration 
  • Video Duration 
  • Screen Share Duration 
  • Audio Duration In Seconds 
  • Video Duration In Seconds 
  • Screen Share Duration In Seconds 
  • Has Other Action 
  • Is Licensed 
  • Report Period  

This should reduce the need for customers to access the Teams admin center to understand Teams usage.  

Remove Skype for Business reports  

With this release, we have removed the Skype for Business reports. Support for these was deprecated by Microsoft and usage can now be seen as part of the Teams usage reports.  

Data de-anonymized for OneDrive and SharePoint 

Since Microsoft has begun anonymizing data by default, this has resulted in CoreView users seeing OneDrive and SharePoint data anonymized. CoreView can now display this data even without removing the “data anonymization” setting in Microsoft.

Message Trace improvements 

CoreView has been able to greatly accelerate the speed of the Message Trace report by as much as a factor of 10, greatly reducing the time spent searching for messages.