Release 22.04 Key Features

  • Last update on September 19th, 2023

It doesn't seem like only a month ago, but here we are with more exciting Release announcements.

License Savings

Last month we released the Savings Opportunities dashboard. It gives you the ability to identify where you can reclaim or adjust your licenses quickly. We have improved this offering by adding historical data and the ability to compare snapshots of previous license usage and allocation. Using this historical data, you can identify trends and further improve license optimization. the full description can be viewed here: Savings Opportunities Dashboard


We continue to expand the number of attributes that are managed for on-premise users to include:

  • Edit Sync User:
    1. Group Membership:
      • Security Groups
      • Distribution Groups
      • Microsoft 365 Groups
      • Microsoft Teams Groups
    2. Enable Custom Properties/Attributes

Management Actions

We’ve also added fields in the “Edit equipment mailbox” management action that allow you to adjust the capacity and maximum duration for an equipment mailbox directly in CoreView, without using PowerShell or Microsoft Admin Portal. 


When using the EditUserProperties actions, you can now upload .csv files without separating the UserPrincipalName, i.e., Username and Domain. Now, that field will accept the user’s complete username, i.e., 

Teams Enhancements

We know the importance of managing your Teams lifecycle. As such, we have integrated Archiving and Restoring Teams Groups into Workflow. In addition to archiving and restoring teams via workflows, you will also be able to include privacy settings in reporting. 

  • Workflow integration of Teams Archive & Restore
  • Teams Permissions Reporting, Private & Public Channels

Other (Smaller) Enhancements

  • The Task Inspector Panel has improved to reflect the status of the action better
  • Organizational Units in a Workflow will now be displayed in a more user-friendly structure: parent/child/child etc.
  • A new Quarantined Messages report shows messages that Exchange has quarantined. This is the same data as shown in the management action to manage quarantined messages but can be managed via separate permissions so that users do not have access to perform actions on these messages.
  • The Users Report filter “Last N Days” is refined to ensure it yields only the results within the last N days and today, but not future results
  • Workflow .csv uploads updated to accept special characters
  • With the “On-Demand” Endpoint Manager import for single devices, you can now retrieve information on a single device and see the impact of management actions immediately. You are no longer waiting for the daily update to complete to fix any errors!
  • Autopilot Device data accuracy is improved and reflects only active Autopilot devices