Release 20.11 Key Features

  • Last update on September 19th, 2023

Released December 15th, 2020 with the following features:

Improved Governance [CoreAdmin, CoreReporting]

  • The Adoption Campaigns list is now filtered by V-Tenant, so each operator only views campaigns inside their V-Tenant. 
  • The RBAC feature is central to CoreView in allowing control of the permissions that each Operator has. In defining control of those permissions, a further check has been added that allows verification that permissions are not overlapping. These checks include:
    • “Edit User Properties” ensuring a license can only be changed if an Operator has permission to “Manage license”. 
    • only the Operator with “Manage password” permission has been granted access to “Password never expires”. 
  • Moreover, clarifying more controls over User password settings, the reports have been split into two new Reports:
    • User password settings” showing the configuration of MFA, strong password requirements and if the password never expires for internal users that can log in. 
    • All users password settings” showing these configurations for all users that can login, including guests. 

Training Platform [CoreLearning] 

  • CoreLearning now supports translation of the title into multiple languages. 
  • The CoreLearning library has been updated to include Outlook (74 videos) and SharePoint (90 videos).

Improved Security Monitoring [CoreSecurity]

  • To allow the analysis of Microsoft Power Apps audit logs, several new reports have been added to extend the consolidation of audit logs into CoreView for easier and more consistent viewing.

Easier Automation [CoreFlow]

Continuing the dramatic improvements to the CoreFlow UI, the following have been updated:

  • A new screen summarizing all executions for all workflows on a single convenient screen 
  • New grid experience for Template and Approval lists with more filters and more sorting capabilities, and bulk actions for faster management at scale 
  • Dynamic mapping (input/output variables) can now be deleted and recreated (edit is coming) 
  • New management actions: M365 group delete and restore