Release 22.05 Key Features

  • Last update on September 19th, 2023

Release 22.05 will be released the week of June 6, 2022.

Hybrid Management Actions

CoreView continues to simplify the ability to manage users whether your source of truth is on-premises Active Directory or Azure AD. This release finalizes the Edit Synchronized User management action by adding the ability to manage group membership for users.

Teams Privacy Management Enhancements

CoreView continues to deliver Teams enhancements by enabling users to designate a Teams channel to be private upon Teams creation. 

Data Connector

CoreView has launched a new add-on product to CoreSuite that provides the ability to take the data that we collect and organize from Microsoft 365 (and Hybrid servers) and export it to a SQL database or data warehouse. This makes the data fully available and accessible to our customers so they can:

  • Combine it with other data sets 
  • Analyze it with their own tools 
  • Store it for backup or audit purposes 
  • Repackage and remix it in any way imaginable

This is available for early adopters in Q3. Please contact your CSM if you would like more information.

Minor Enhancements 

  1. Global Admin: Customers may now set up and configure CoreView without the need for a global admin role. With heightened sensitivity over security globally, this is a security best practice to reduce risk. 
  2. Add Hub site associations to SharePoint reports: Display Hub site association for SharePoint sites in SharePoint Site Usage, SharePoint Site Activity, and SharePoint Owners reports 
  3. Add Sensitivity label to SharePoint reports: Display Sensitivity Labels for SharePoint sites in SharePoint Site Usage, SharePoint Site Activity, and SharePoint Owners reports (User Voice 43822500)
  4. Display Company's logo in Workflow Email header: Users will be able to upload a custom logo to include in the Email Header of emails sent via Workflows. 

New User Experience

CoreView has spent the last year working on a whole new User Experience for CoreSuite. It was launched to beta customers last quarter and is now available for Preview for all customers. Customers who are interested in getting access to the Preview experience can talk to their CSM or complete this form.

The new user experience does not have all the features of the current experience, but new features are being added weekly. It is intended to be generally available in Q3. In the last couple of weeks we launched the following features:

  • Management foundations (Wizard, tasks, management session, management settings, run actions from reports, …) 
  • First set of management actions