Set maximum execution duration

  • Last update on January 23rd, 2024

This setting lets you set a time limit for your workflow. If the workflow isn't completed within this timeframe, it will be automatically canceled.

You might need to set a maximum execution duration for a workflow in two situations:

  • When the workflow includes an “Operator approval” action without a timeout. Setting a maximum execution duration helps prevent a workflow from pending indefinitely if the recipient doesn't act. However, it's generally better to use an “Operator approval” action with a timeout.
  • When the workflow could take a long time to execute due to technical reasons, potentially causing problems.

How to set a maximum execution duration for a workflow

Step 1

To set a maximum execution duration for a workflow, choose the relevant workflow from the “Workflows” page. Then, click “Edit.” 

Step 2

Now, click on the ellipsis “” and select “Set maximum execution duration”. 

Step 3

A modal window will appear, asking you to input the maximum execution duration for the chosen workflow. Ensure to click “Save” before closing the window.


If a workflow's execution is interrupted because it reaches the set maximum execution duration, its “Executions status will appear as “TimedOut”.