Settings: overview

  • Last update on January 25th, 2024

The “Settings” section is a centralized hub that primarily allows “Tenant Admins” to access and manage all sections. 

However, operators also have visibility of the “Settings” menu, but their access is limited to the “My Organization” section only, and they can view the organization information in read-only mode.


The “Settings” section is composed of: 

  • My Organization, that is where you can manage details about your organization, and where most of the configuration takes place. This includes managing Settings, the OnPrem agent, extra consents, and Graph.
  • Playbooks, which allows you to select the policies you want to view or create new policies or playbooks.
  • Operators, which, above all, allows you to create new CoreView operators. Furthermore, it allows you to manage the roles and responsibilities of different users within the organization. 
  • Virtual TenantsTM, which are designed to enable an organization to partition, restrict, or compartmentalize Office 365 data according to organizationally defined boundaries. The utilization of “Virtual Tenants™” is integral to effective delegation as it empowers you to delineate an Operator's scope of control.
  • Permissions, which allow you to manage access rights for different roles within the organization, ensuring that each user has the appropriate permissions to access specific resources. 
  • License pools, which allow you to manage allocated licenses within your organization. 
  • Licenses Templates, which, in conjunction with “License pools”, allow you to give delegated teams flexibility over license assignments while maintaining centralized control.
  • API Keys, which allow you to generate and manage “API keys” for integrating with other applications.
  • Audit log, which allows you to track and monitor actions performed by every operator in CoreView. 

Additionally, in the sections explained above (apart from “My organization” and “Playbooks”), you are provided with functionalities to organize columns according to your needs.