• Last update on February 27th, 2024

You can locate this section under “ACTIONS” > “MANAGE WORKFLOWS” > “Approvals”.

From here, you can intervene to manage a pending request if the designated decision-maker is unavailable.

Which actions can be managed from “Approvals”?

The following actions may be managed from the “Approvals” section:

  • Owner/operator approval
  • Owner/operator approval with timeout

To manage an approval, simply click on the ellipsis “” next to the pending attestation you need to handle and select “Approve” or “Reject”. 

To prevent having a pending action on this page, remember to select actions with a timeout or alternatively, set a maximum execution duration for the entire workflow.

Who can manage “Approvals”?

This section can be managed solely by tenant admins or workflow owners, provided they were granted permission during the workflow design phase.

If the “Approved by Owner” field is set to “Yes”, the workflow owner will also have the ability to manage this action from the “Approvals” page.