Activation link and Microsoft login

  • Last update on February 12th, 2024

Welcome to CoreView! Let's get started with your onboarding process.

You will receive the activation link via email.

Open browser in incognito/guest

Google Chrome and Microsoft's Edge (Chromium version) are the preferred browser to use CoreView.


Microsoft 365 login

The standard Microsoft 365 login appears, prompting you to enter the User Principal Name and password associated with your Microsoft 365 account. This account act as the owner account and must be assigned the Global Admin role.

For the initial activation, the account must have the Global Admin role in Microsoft 365. Without this role, the activation process is bound to fail.


Grant permissions

You will be asked to give initial consent. This consent is essential to proceed with the onboarding steps. To learn more about the provided consent, please read this article. Remember also to tick the checkbox “Consent on behalf of your organization”.

Next step

Now, you can proceed to the registration page and data center selection.