New Default homepage

  • Last update on February 14th, 2024

Welcome to the new CoreView homepage! This guide will describe what you can expect to see when you sign into the CoreView app, which may vary based on your settings, role, and permissions.

Keep in mind that Tenant admins have the authority to designate the start page for themselves and their delegated admins by modifying their Permission Set


Tenant admin with Default page selected

As a Tenant admin, if you've chosen to retain the default homepage in your settings, you will be taken to the Governance center's “Overview tab” each time you log in. 


Tenant admin with Custom homepage selected

If you've opted for a different section of the CoreView app to serve as your homepage, that's where you'll land whenever you sign in.


Delegated admin with Default homepage selected

Delegated admins with the Default homepage enabled will be directed to the Governance center's  “Overview tab” upon logging in. 

It's important to note that delegated admins who do NOT have Playbook roles will see a reduced set of widgets in the Governance center. Only Tenant admins can assign Playbook roles. The permissions associated with each Playbook role define which widgets are visible to a user. For additional information, refer to the New playbook roles article.


Delegated admin with Custom homepage selected

Delegated admins who have the Default homepage disabled and a specific Start page assigned by their Tenant admin will see this personalized homepage each time they log in.