Organization info

  • Last update on January 23rd, 2024

The “Organization info” section serves as a comprehensive profile of your organization. It's the place where major information about your organization are displayed , such as:

  • Name: the official name of your organization is displayed in this page. It's important to use the correct name as this is how your organization will be identified.
  • Location: this is where the physical location of your organization is specified. This includes the country, city, and specific address, including postal code.
  • Identity: this includes the organization type, its “Microsoft name”, and the e-mail address “Identity”.

In addition to these basic details, this section also allows you to personalize your organization's profile by adding or modifying visual elements like:

  • Logos: You can upload your organization's official logo here, with a resolution of either 140px x 30px or 40px x 30px. In either instance, the logo will appear at the top left on the page. 
  • Favicons: this section allows you to add or delete “favicons”, also known as a shortcut icon, URL icon, or bookmark icon. The ideal resolution should be 30px x 30px.