Organization settings: overview

  • Last update on January 25th, 2024

The “Settings” hub page allows you to manage or view details about:

  • Organization info: this section provides an overview of your organization's details and allows you to insert your own logo. 
  • Settings: this section allows you to manage the overall configuration of your organization's account. The different sections are explained in the related article.
  • Portal information: this section allows you to view details regarding the portal, such as the expiration date, last import date, purchased and consumed CoreView licenses (or seats). 
  • Admin read only page: this page is designed to list service accounts and to manage their re-creation if necessary. 
  • On-premises: this section allows you to set up the integration with the on-premises environment, view the status of the “on-premises” configuration, import entities, and configure source anchor configuration. Please, note that this section is only available with the Hybrid connector add-on SKU.
  • Consent management: this page displays a list of consents provided to the CoreView application for data import and management. From here, you can grant consent to new applications, unlocking additional features, reports, and actions within CoreView, such as SharePoint reporting and Endpoint management.  
  • Graph management: This section allows you to configure Graph management, to manage users, licenses, and groups using Graph API.    

Visit each article to gather more information about each section.