• Last update on September 15th, 2023

The “On-premises” section is reserved for customers who have purchased the “Hybrid Connector” add-on, which allows you to integrate your CoreView tenant with your on-premises environment. The add-on provides the ability to import and manipulate information that is not available on the cloud (as the AD Connect configuration does not include importing this information from your on-premises environment), but can be viewed through CoreView. Without the purchase of the “Hybrid Connector”, it will not be possible to manipulate on-premises or synched information and objects.


In the first section of this page, you can import entities. In order to do so, select which entities you want to configure for import. If needed, the "Import" feature can be deactivated at a later stage without affecting any of the configured entities.

Furthermore, you have access to the “Organizational unit tree filter”, which allows you to select all or a subset of the Organization Unit hierarchy within the on-premises AD.

Source anchor configuration

In the second section, you have access to the configuration of the source anchor. Here, you have the possibility to enter the source anchor you are using in the provided box if you are not using the default source anchor (that is Object GUID). 

Please, note that the value is case sensitive.