• Last update on September 19th, 2023

What is the new UX?

The new UX is a totally new application interface for the CoreView product. It is a complete redesign of the user interface.  


Why a new UX?

The New UX began because of the need to upgrade to a new UI technology. Angular JS has reached its end-of-support date, so we knew we needed to shift technologies. We used this opportunity to reconsider the user experience that had grown organically over the course of a number of years.  


What’s better with the new UX?  

The new UX is faster, with screen load times much quicker than before. There’s greater consistency across the application so that you only have to learn the experience once. The navigation is much more intuitive. The most important actions are brought to the forefront instead of being buried in menus and sub-menus.


Are there any new features with the new UX?  

As of July 2022, all new enhancements have been delivered in the new UX only. There are already some great capabilities that have been delivered. CoreView Playbooks take many of the capabilities of CoreSuite – reporting, workflow, KPIs, but assemble them into a pre-defined, out-of-the-box solution that detects problems in your M365 environment and then provides automated remediation. Teams Voice Direct Routing support extends CoreView’s support of direct routing number management. License Pool Centers makes it easier than ever to manage license pools and SKUs and easily shift licenses and costs across business unites.


When do I have to switch?

The legacy UX is scheduled to be end of life on May 15, 2023.  


How do I see the new UX?

In the user experience, there is a toggle in the upper left that allows you to switch between the legacy and new UX. You can also access the new UX directly by going to  One thing to note is that you need to log into each experience separately, but that these are just two user experiences for the same configuration.


Is there training available?  

A whole set of end user training is available.


Do I have to re-implement?

No. Your existing configuration powers both the new and legacy user experience. You may want to look at your existing permission configurations to take advantage of new features, but there is nothing you have to do to start using the new UX.


How is my configuration impacted?

It isn’t. Your existing configuration already works with the new UX.


Can I look at it before my operators?  

Yes. Any tenant admin can use the toggle or go to to see the new UX.  


Can I roll this out slowly?

Yes, but not too slowly. We will be removing the legacy UX on May 15, 2023. So you should begin the process of getting users familiar with the new user interface soon.


Can I make it so my operators have to use the New UX?

Yes. Within “Settings” > “My organization” > “Settings” are available the switches to control the delegation of the new UX. 

  • Enable new user experience for all operators: everyone is able to log in the new UX. 
  • Set new user experience as default for all operators: forces operators to the new UX every time they login. Everyone have still access to the legacy UX using the toggle. 
  • Disable legacy user experience for all operators: operators cannot access anymore to legacy UX, while tenant administrators can still access.

What’s missing from the new UX?

At this point, all planned functionality has been migrated to the new UX. Because of the differences in the UI there may be different ways to accomplish things in the new UX, but we believe all functionality has been migrated.


How do I give feedback about the new UX?

You can share it with your CSM. You can post enhancement requests in the Customer Feedback Forum (UserVoice) or you can send feedback to We welcome feedback!


How do I get help if I don’t understand something in the new UX?

Documentation on the new UX is available in the knowledge base. You can ask support or your CSM if there is anything you need help with.  


Do I have to purchase the new UX?

No. The new UX is part of your existing subscription.


Can I change the colors? Can I change the logo?

You can change the logo from the “My Organizations” page. You cannot change the color scheme.


Is there a “dark mode”?

There is not a dark mode at this time.


Can I access via my phone or tablet?

The new UX has been designed for tablets and desktops. Pages may be accessible by phone but are not optimized for that size screen.


What is happening to the current UI?

The legacy UI will be retired on May 15, 2023.


Can I opt out of the new UX?

No. Because the technology stack is past active support, we need to move all customers to the New UX.  


Is the new UX WCAG/508 compliant?

Not yet, but we are working on it.  


What languages are supported?

Currently, English, French, Spanish, German, Japanese and Italian.


Do I need a new login?

No, you do not, but you will be prompted to login if you switch between the legacy and new UX. Each “app” needs to be logged in to.


Is the new UX multi tenant?

Yes it is. Just as in the legacy UX, you can easily switch between your tenants from the top navigation.


Can I still limit what my users can do?

Yes. Permissions and v-tenants work the same in the new UX as in the legacy UX.  All of your existing permissions have been “ported” to the new UX. However, there are new pages and capabilities being added to the new UX that you should review to add to your permissions.


What about my saved and scheduled reports?

Saved reports have been migrated to the new UX. Scheduled reports were migrated on April 1, 2023. 


What if I can’t find a certain feature?

Check out the knowledge base, and our training videos, or reach out to your CSM/Support. Testing has shown the new navigation to be pretty intuitive, but don’t hesitate to ask.


Will you still enhance the legacy UX?

We are not adding any further enhancements to the legacy UX.


Is there a minimum resolution?

The new UX has been designed for tablets and desktops. We have not identified a minimum resolution, but the screen is definitely optimized for a desktop/laptop experience. Please note, we design with display scaling at 100%.


Is there online help?

Yes. There is a new “Resource Center” located in the top right corner that provides guides and walkthroughs, access to the online training and knowledge base, and other online help resources.


Are there any Easter eggs?

I’m sure there are. Try to find them.


Once I switch, can I switch back?

You can toggle back and forth between the legacy and new UX experience until the end of life date of May 15, 2023.


Can I launch the legacy UX and the New UX in parallel?

Yes. You can have both open in separate windows.