CoreView Release Notes May 2023

  • Last update on September 19th, 2023

May 24 Enhancements

  • [HEALTH CHECK] A big welcome to Health Check: your CoreView's personal governance advisor! – With our new Health Check, you can now obtain a snapshot of your current governance posture in a flash, identify areas that need improvement, and gain a clear understanding of what you may be missing in your Microsoft 365 environment.
    Our widget-based dashboards serve as a single pane of glass, providing a consolidated view of your enabled Out-of-the-Box policies.
    Easily enhance your governance posture and keep your Microsoft 365 environment in top shape!
  • [PLAYBOOKS] Set timeout days for every Out-of-the-box policy – With the new update, you can configure timeout days of attestation for each policy. With this capability, you can now provide managers and stakeholders the right amount of time to review and approve remediation actions before their execution. This allows you to strike the perfect balance between automation and oversight, ensuring that every remediation aligns with the specific requirements of your organization.

May 10 Enhancements

  • [CUSTOM ACTIONS] Execute Custom Actions from Reports and Cards – With our latest update, you can now execute custom actions from the "Manage" panel in reports or cards, making it easier to manage multiple objects at once. Say goodbye to manual and time-consuming tasks, and hello to improved efficiency!
  • [POWERSHELL] Upgrade – Teams PowerShell Module upgraded to 5.1.0
  • [PLAYBOOKS] “Exceptions” available in Full Report - Playbook's Full Report just got even better! With our latest update, you can easily switch between “Matched Items” and “Exceptions” using a new drop-down menu. No more confusion, no more wasted time. Enjoy a more streamlined experience today!
  • [PLAYBOOKS] Improved Navigation for Matched Items and Exceptions - We've added a direct link to the respective full report in the modal window, so you don’t have to go back to the Monitoring Dashboard/Policy Library. Less clicking, more productivity - it's a win-win situation.
  • [REPORTS] More Reports now support “Report Filters” - More reports now support the "Report filters" feature and pivot table:
    • Security: User Mailbox
    • Exchange: Users by Retention Policy
    • Security: Users with Admin Roles
    • Exchange: Users with Forwarding
    • Teams: Inactive Users
    • Teams: User Activity
    • Security: Licensed Users with Admin Roles
    • Security: Users on litigation hold
    • Teams: Users
    • Device: Users with Mobile devices
    • Devices: Intune devices
    • Exchange mailbox usage
    • SharePoint owners
    • OneDrive Statistics
  • [REPORTS] Enable Save Report for “Active subscriptions” report – We’ve added the ability to save custom reports on the Active Subscriptions report in the NewUX.
  • [REPORTS] New V-Tenant indicator in Reports – We've added a new tag to the title bar of all reports that indicates if they're not affected by V-Tenant configuration. This makes it easy to see if a report is displaying unfiltered data at a glance!
  • [SETTINGS] New centralized page for application consent – Our new feature makes managing application authorizations a breeze. Simply head to “Settings > My organization > Settings” to view a list of all applications and their consent status within CoreView. No more endless pop-ups: stay organized and save time with this centralized page!
  • [PARTNER PORTAL] New Customer Management Portal for customers and distributors - The new portal, which will replace the "Invoice" module for partners, is now available at You can access it using the Microsoft 365 Work/school account you are using to access the "Invoice" tab in the LegacyUX.