CoreView Release Notes January 2023

  • Last update on September 19th, 2023

Happy New Year! Below are the exciting new features for January 2023

January 18 Enhancements

Device-based v-tenants 

With devices, you can now create virtual tenants based on the security groups that devices are part of. For example, a device can be added to the “product” security group, and you can grant operators the right to manage devices in the product security group. That way an operator could manage the device whether it is assigned to a user or not.


For playbooks based on custom policies, we now respect the time range of the report as part of the policy definition. Previously, reports that allow you to set a time range (i.e., 30 days, 90 days), the time range setting was not being respected by the policy. It now is being considered.

January 10 Enhancements

Teams Voice 

It is now possible to assign a Dial Plan and Voice Routing policy to a user as a management action. This is needed for the user to make use of any Teams Voice capabilities. (UserVoice)


License Optimization Reports

The Service Usage report and the Service Usage by License Pool reports from the legacy UX have been migrated and merged as the new Service Usage tab within the License Optimization Center.

Report Filtering

Previously, Teams groups weren't available when using report filters. With this enhancement all group types are now supported by the report filters.