Release 22.03 Key Features

  • Last update on September 19th, 2023

Our product team is wrapping up their first-quarter efforts with a TON of new features – like a quick view of potential license savings – and a host of always-be-improving tweaks. 

Focus on Performance 

If you have spent a significant amount of time in the product lately, you have probably noticed – we have made some vast performance improvements. We heard your feedback that performance is critical. There is still more to come, but so far – we are seeing load times that are at least 60% faster and, in many cases, as much as 3x faster! 

Here are some other highlights of this month’s release: 

License Savings 

CoreView has always helped you identify where to re-assign, downgrade, or optimize your license spend. But we are making it even easier by serving up a new Savings Opportunities Dashboard that quickly shows you where you could reclaim or adjust, broken down by license pool, so that you can delegate those adjustments. This dashboard shows you inactive, disabled, and over-licensed users with the ability to drill down to the list of users within each category. It also provides the convenience of looking at this by the number of users, currency, or percentage of the total members within the license pool.  

On-Prem AD Users 

Our goal is to simplify managing your users wherever they are – whether cloud or on-premises. Towards that end, we are continuing to expand our ability to manage on-prem Active Directory users using the Edit Sync User” management action, including: 

  • Update Mailbox Actions – Grant or remove access to mailboxes and edit forwarding addresses 
  • Enable Other Properties – You can now manage legacy "custom attributes" for users that you can map to your hybrid environment through the configuration file. It does not include the 30 additional Extension Attributes that you can map and give a user-friendly name through the UI.  

Spring Cleaning Your Microsoft Teams Environment with Teams Governance and Policy Enforcement 

When was the last time you archived or deleted unused Teams? In this release, we are making it easier to manage the lifecycle of Teams by adding additional Management Actions. 

  • Archive Teams Groups - Through the management action, the user will be able to select one or more Teams to select for archiving. Article Link: How to Archive a Teams Group
  • Restore Teams Group - Through the management action, the user will be able to select one or more previously archived Teams to select for restoration. Article Link: How to Restore a Teams Group

Other Teams Enhancements  

We will be enforcing Teams Group name character limitations and ensuring that the phone number drop-down only lets you assign available phone numbers.  

  • Create Teams Group will now require that an Owner be designated when creating a Teams Group to align with M365 rules  
  • Teams/Manage MSCallingPlan/OperatorConnect Number contains a usability improvement that allows you to select a number from a list of available numbers. It also supports type-ahead to allow users to begin typing the number, dynamically filtering the numbers shown.  

SharePoint Improvements 

In this release, we have added a new “Group owner” field when creating modern SharePoint sites and a new “Sensitivity” label when creating SharePoint sites. You will also be able to see if a SharePoint site is a “Hub” in the following reports: 

  • SharePoint Site Usage 
  • SharePoint Site Activity 
  • SharePoint Owners 

Windows Server 2019 Hybrid Connector Support 

The Hybrid connector can now be deployed on a Windows Server 2019 machine. This requires coordination with our Customer Success team, so please reach out to your CSM if you would like to upgrade. 

Smaller Improvements  

  • We also changed the behavior of the Tasks panel. Previously, when an operator performed a management action from the User Card, this would open the Tasks panel. We no longer automatically open the Tasks panel. We also updated the Tasks panel to ensure that it accurately displays the status of tasks.  

Our team is already busy testing the next round of improvements; check back next month for more exciting updates!