CoreView December 2022 Release Notes

  • Last update on September 19th, 2023

December 21 Release Notes

Note: The enhancements below are accessible within CoreView’s new user interface.

Teams Voice Workflow action

The action "unassign phone number" is now available as part of workflow. This was previously only available as a management action. When offboarding a user, customers can unassign any phone number the user had assigned to them, avoiding the risk of forgetting and thus preventing the number from being reassigned to other users.

CoreView is enabling the ability for customers to be able to create and use their own services accounts in lieu of using the CoreView generated account. This grants the customer more control over their M365 tenant. In this release, this is being enabled for new accounts when first onboarding a tenant. However, this ability will be extended to existing customers in a future release. 

New UX 

Optimization Center 

The License by user tab is now available. This gives an overview of how your Office 365 licenses are distributed and used by your users. For each user, it identifies the licenses they have been assigned as well as the services that they are using.

Workflow Approvals 

The workflow approval page is now available. From this page you can review all your workflow that have an approval step to check their status, and even override the approval to have the workflow progress.

Execute workflow actions 

It is now possible to execute workflow directly from the UserCard (UserVoice) and from the following reports -- Disabled licensed users report & User mailbox security report.  (UserVoice

December 13 Release Notes

Note: The enhancements below are accessible within CoreView’s new user interface.


Percentage based thresholds 

I can now set acceptance thresholds based on percentages instead of based on item count. For example, if I want to create a policy that shows red when licenses are unused, I have to account for the fact that I might be adding more licenses all the time. As a result, having an acceptance threshold based on license count would mean I constantly have to update that number as I grow my licenses. Instead, with percentage-based threshold, I can now say that if more than 5% of my licenses are unused, flag as red. This allows me to have a consistent policy across my license types and is more scalable.

Generating report as a remediation action

For some policies, it may not be immediately clear what the remediation action is. However, setting a policy ensures that the circumstance is at least reviewed. For example, you might have a policy that all guest users who are members of a specific Teams group must be reviewed every month to ensure that they still need access. In this case, you can set a remediation action to produce the report and email to the appropriate recipients.

New UX

Multiple languages support

The New user experience is now available in French, Spanish, German and Italian. You can change your language settings from your profile. 

Copying from a report 

If you want to copy content from a report, it is now possible. When you right-click on a table, it now opens a menu to allow you to copy your table selection. Select "Copy" to copy just the cells you have selected, or "Copy with headers" to include the headers of the table. 

Disable legacy UX access 

In the New user experience settings, it's now possible to disable the Legacy UX for all delegated operators. 

Reorder workflow execution inputs

The order of the execution inputs in the "Execution inputs" page is reflected into the "Execute workflow" page prompted to operators. When workflow editors needed to reorder execution inputs, they had to delete and re-create in the desired order. Right now is possible to sort them easily.