Release 21.02 Key Features

  • Last update on September 19th, 2023

CoreView 21.02 was released March 18th 2021. With this release, we continue our focus on platform enhancements, as well as adding important features that boost CoreView Adoption, Microsoft 36S Governance, and Automation.

Here’s a list of all the main new features: 

Improved Governance – Group Management 

  • Group Management is a routine task all IT administrators need to perform. To support you in your decision making and remediation, we added new columns in the Groups Report for Distribution, Microsoft 365, and Security groups that help manage group owners and members. The new Group Management features can show how many owners a group has (too many owners is bad for security and management), and which groups have no owners. 
  • Do you want to Identify Microsoft 365 groups without any owner? Or find Inactive Distribution Groups and contact their owner? It is quick and simple with our new reports. 
  • New Owner Column added in the Group Reports for Distribution, Security, and Microsoft 365. This new field is now available to be used as a delegation filter for Groups of V-tenants. Please note that still V-tenants are not applied on deleted groups. 

Automate - New Actions in Workflow

  • Based on a request from one of our largest customers, Workflow now includes the capabilities to create Room, Equipment, and Shared mailboxes.

Bugs and Tech improvements:

  • More than 80 Bug Fixes and Tech improvements have been delivered in this release!