Release 20.12 Key Features

  • Last update on September 19th, 2023

Released January 26th 2021 this version focuses on increasing stability and performance of the platform. Several very minor changes were made, but the focus was on correcting bugs you had reported.

Improved Governance [CoreAdmin, CoreReporting] 

  • V-tenant can be set now also on SharePoint sites by turning on the flag "SharePoint: Filter Sites by owner" under Organization settings > Virtual tenant. This enables the virtual tenant on Users to be applied on SharePoint Admins as well. If flag isn't enabled then Virtual tenant will not be applied on SharePoint Admins.
  • Extension Attributes can be now mapped to the Portal Attributes. Tenant admins can map them under Organization settings > Extension Attributes mapping, and then use these Mapped attributes as delegation filters to set the V-tenant. Operators can edit this Mapped attributed in the following management actions:
    • Create New User
    • Edit User
    • Edit User Properties in Bulk
    • Set Portal Attribute
  • By default the free licenses are hidden now, but the operator can now select and deselect free license in subscription overview.
  • RemotePowerShellEnabled and SmtpClientAuthenticationDisabled columns added in the User Reports. That allows operators to see which users have the right to use PowerShell or not and which users are able to use Smtp or not. Having this information as a column brings great security value for PS compliance.
  • EmployeeId added to Consumption Dashboard to help the client to clean licenses.

Bugs squashed:

  • More than 150 small pesky bugs have been squashed in this release!