Release 20.06: Key Features:

  • Last update on September 19th, 2023

CoreView Platform updates in Release 20.06

  • New Intune Integration
    • CoreView now integrates with Intune and retrieves the information you need to keep your MS 365 tenant under control and secure. 
  • Governance improvements:
    1. CoreView Framework, two new features added:
      1. KPIs allow operators to Manage Exceptions, with an exception CoreView is capable to exclude specific cases from the evaluation and have a KPI tailored to your environment.
      2. Administrators are now able to control who can access Custom Dashboards and assign specific permission to Operators inside their MS365 tenant.
    2. New reports: Disabled Users & Disabled Licensed Users will help you keep your Tenant under control and optimize cost managing licenses associated with users no longer available. 
  • CoreFlow improvements:
    • Draft Mode will now enable operators to save and update workflow as a draft and then being able to publish it later. This will help improve the cooperation on the workflow creation and reduce the risk of error or execute an incomplete workflow. 
  • And more small improvements and User Interface enhancements.
  • Bugs squashed:
    • Plus, more than 200+ small pesky bugs have been squashed in this release!