Monitoring the import process

  • Last update on September 22nd, 2023

You can verify the details of your import processes by checking the log files stored in the:


directory of your on-premises server where the Hybrid Connector is deployed.

Opening the most recent file, you can search for the following words:

TransferAdOrganizationalUnit.ps1 | 7437 ms
TransferAdUser.ps1 | 24672 ms
TransferAdGroups.ps1 | 26866 ms
TransferAdGroupMembers.ps1 | 146207 ms

Those are the four steps performed every time an on-premises import process is run by CoreView Hybrid Connector.

If some of that step is missing, it means your import process wasn’t completed correctly.

You should also find the details of the error about the step that failed to troubleshoot the issue and the duration that step taken to complete the import of OUs, User Objects, Groups, and Group Members of your on-premises environment.

Please, note:

  • There's a limitation if you are running an on-premise Active Directory Resource Forest-type model: Hybrid Connector only imports organizational units object. 
  • If you are operating within a multi-forest Active Directory topology, group memberships will not be imported either.
  • If you are running and on-premise Organizational Forest Model or a Restricted Access Forest Model, Hybrid Connect will import users and groups.
  • If your operation involves a single forest Active Directory topology, make sure that your hybrid agent is capable of connecting to your Active Directory Global Catalog. This ensures that all group members will be imported during the final step. If this doesn't occur, there's a chance some information may not import correctly.