Addressing import delays: overcoming Microsoft Exchange throttling limits

  • Last update on January 24th, 2024


Microsoft has a throttling limit on the Exchange Service, allowing only 100 requests to be executed in parallel per application. This constraint has resulted in significant delays in import operations for CoreView, as it currently uses the default application provided by the PowerShell module.

To address this issue and expedite data updates on our portal, we need to process more requests in parallel using multiple applications. This requires your consent.


Provide additional consent by following the steps below:

Step 1: retrieve the tenant ID

Open the following link: CoreView Inc - Microsoft Azure and retrieve the tenant ID.

Replace the “{TENANTID}” placeholder in the following links with the tenant ID retrieved in the previous step:{TENANTID}/adminConsent?client_id=4d65dacb-eed0-48d3-91b4-14ae0209d60e&state=coreviewexchangeintegration|4d65dacb-eed0-48d3-91b4-14ae0209d60e&redirect_uri={TENANTID}/adminConsent?client_id=619e6b6f-6ed5-44cf-bcc6-bfacfa385d48&state=coreviewexchangeintegration|619e6b6f-6ed5-44cf-bcc6-bfacfa385d48&redirect_uri={TENANTID}/adminConsent?client_id=4d69e7b6-cb0b-4eb1-8837-0de98d0f71f2&state=coreviewexchangeintegration|4d69e7b6-cb0b-4eb1-8837-0de98d0f71f2&redirect_uri={TENANTID}/adminConsent?client_id=8211d7d5-acbc-4394-ac1c-374ad34ff95f&state=coreviewexchangeintegration|8211d7d5-acbc-4394-ac1c-374ad34ff95f&redirect_uri={TENANTID}/adminConsent?client_id=7cf35772-d539-4663-9f6c-fcdf45132f7e&state=coreviewexchangeintegration|7cf35772-d539-4663-9f6c-fcdf45132f7e&redirect_uri=

For Government Data Centers (GOC DC):

If your tenant is registered in the GOV DC add the “us” prefix, as in the example below:{TENANTID}/adminConsent?client_id=7cf35772-d539-4663-9f6c-fcdf45132f7e&state=coreviewexchangeintegration|7cf35772-d539-4663-9f6c-fcdf45132f7e&redirect_uri=

Step 3: verify

The resulting links should look like the following example:|7cf35772-d539-4663-9f6c-fcdf45132f7e&redirect_uri=

Step 4: grant permissions

Click on each link to grant admin consent for the corresponding client ID.

Security measures

The connection to these applications is established through our service accounts
To ensure the security of your data, we recommend enabling the conditional access policy if you haven't already done so. Read how to ensure security for CoreView service accounts.

Please note that it may take up to 24 hours for the changes to be activated on the Microsoft side. After this period, CoreView will be able to retrieve the audit data during the full import executed once per day.