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  • Last update on December 12th, 2023


The CoreView Teams Voice connector (formerly, Teams Advanced) now provides greater support for Direct Routing numbers.

If you have purchased “traditional” numbers (i.e., from a telco company) often face limitations when it comes to integrating them into Teams in a scalable and efficient manner. Many organizations resort to managing this process using spreadsheets, tracking the assignment of numbers to employees, and attempting to keep it updated as employees are onboarded and offboarded. This error-prone process can lead to misplaced and unused numbers, as well as employees having direct external numbers when they don't require them. Furthermore, it becomes challenging to correlate reporting on direct routing number usage within Teams with the users who currently have those numbers.

By uploading these numbers to CoreView, you get the benefit of managing this “number inventory” much more effectively. You can:

  • Access reporting features on who is using their numbers 
  • Implement management actions that greatly reduce the risk of errors and increase speed 
  • Streamline workflows for onboarding and offboarding procedures 
  • Execute bulk actions to assign/unassign numbers  

Once numbers are uploaded, they can be edited and deleted and otherwise generally treated as inventory to be managed.  

What it includes

By activating the add-on, you will be able to access the reports and use the management actions listed in the table below:

Reports Teams voice Call quality
Call quality dashboard
Voice Usage
Auto Attendants
Call Queues
Phone Numbers
Teams Voice Users
User Call Quality
Management actions Teams Free phone number from Teams resource account
Create Teams call queue
Edit Teams call queue
Remove Teams call queue
Remove Teams auto attendant
Edit direct routing number
Delete direct routing number
Assign phone number
Unassign phone number


You need to provide an additional consent to import Teams Voice data (calls, PSTN usage) into CoreView. Please refer to the permission list to see what data import is based on:

Permissions list

CoreView Teams API Integration requires the following Azure AD application permissions:

  • [Microsoft Graph] Call records read all: read call records
  • [Microsoft Graph] Read basic all: get a list of all teams
  • [Microsoft Graph] Teams activity read all: read all users' teamwork activity feed
  • [Microsoft Graph] Teams tab read all: read tabs in Microsoft Teams

As the link for Teams is not displayed on the consents page , you should ask your Customer Success Manager for the link.