How to onboard a customer as an MSP

  • Last update on March 1st, 2024


In CoreView's Partner App, it is now possible for MSP partners to independently create new customers, streamline the onboarding process, and efficiently manage their accounts. With the ability to add SKUs, set expiration dates, and monitor onboarding statuses, MSPs can onboard customers seamlessly and effortlessly. This article covers the main onboarding and customer management features: 

  • Add customers.
  • Monitor customer onboarding and import.
  • Convert a customer to a “Production” account.
  • Edit customers' SKUs and expiration dates.

Add customers

To create a customer, MSPs can use the “Add customer” option, found under the “Action” menu on the “Customers” page. This action replaces the previous “Send activation link” feature.

When initiating the process, MSPs need to provide the following information:

  1. Organization name: enter the name of the customer's organization. 
  2. Notification email: specify the email address where the CoreView activation link will be sent.
  3. SKU assignment: set the SKU to be assigned to the customer. One SKU must be selected.
  4. Add-on assignment: optionally, set the add-on to be assigned to the customer.

Once all the required details are entered, click the “Apply” button to create the customer tenant and send the activation link to the specified email address. The customer tenant is initially created as a TRIAL account on CoreView and will expire within two weeks from its creation unless it is extended.

How to extend a trial account

You can extend your customer's trial to grant them an additional 14-day evaluation period. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to “Manage > Customers” in the side panel menu.
  2. Click on “Actions > + Extend trial”.
  3. The system will calculate and display the extended expiration date.
  4. Click “Submit” to accept changes.

Monitor customer onboarding from the “Pending customers” tab 

After adding a customer, it will appear in the “Pending customers” tab. This tab provides MSPs with a centralized location to monitor customer onboarding progress and perform necessary actions.  

Here's what you can do from the “Pending customer” tab:

  1. Copy activation link: In the first column of the table, you can find a button to easily copy the activation link. This link can be shared with the customer to initiate the onboarding process.
  2. Monitor import status: The “Import errors” and “Event log messages” columns are particularly useful for troubleshooting any potential errors that may occur during the onboarding process. These columns provide valuable insights into the progress and status of the import. If any issues arise, you can identify them promptly and take appropriate action. Once the onboarding process is completed successfully, the customer will be moved to the “Customers” tab. 

Convert a customer to a “Production” account 

Customers added through the new “Add customer” feature are initially created as TRIAL accounts with an expiration period of two weeks. To convert a customer to a production account use the “Convert to production account” action.  

Here are the steps:

  1. Select the customer (the “Source” field must equal “MSP”).
  2. From the action menu, choose “Convert to production account”.
  3. In the panel that opens, you can set a new expiration date and modify the SKUs associated with the customer. 

By converting a customer to a production account, you extend their access beyond the trial period and grant them full access to CoreView's features and capabilities. 

Edit a customer's SKUs and expiration date

All customer production accounts can be managed with the “Edit customer” action.

Here are the steps:

  1. Select the customer (the “Source” field must equal “MSP”).
  2.  From the action menu, choose "Edit customer”.
  3. In the panel that opens, you can set a new expiration date and modify the SKUs associated with the customer.