Diagnostic Tool: overview

  • Last update on February 22nd, 2024

This section provides an overview of the CoreView Diagnostic Tool, detailing the requirements, and step-by-step instructions needed to deploy it successfully in your organization. It also includes guidance on conducting tests to ensure the CoreView Hybrid Connector is configured correctly.


The CoreView Diagnostic Tool is a Docker container that enables you to simulate the same tasks performed by the CoreView Hybrid Connector and helps identify potential issues.

By running this tool, you gain access to a menu with seven different options. These options allow you to test specific parts of your environment to confirm compatibility with the CoreView Hybrid Connector.

Although the CoreView Diagnostic Tool shares the same download and run requirements as the Hybrid Connector, we strongly advise using the diagnostic tool prior to the Hybrid Connector's installation. This proactive step can uncover and rectify any incompatible elements within your on-premises setup, including issues with Active Directory and Exchange Server.

Please note that the CoreView Diagnostic Tool is available in two versions: 2016 and 2019. Select the version that matches your Windows operating system. Instructions for both versions are provided in the subsequent chapters, but you only need to follow those pertaining to your chosen version.


When to use the Diagnostic Tool

The Diagnostic Tool is especially beneficial in the following scenarios:

1. Pre-onboarding environment test

Before you install the CoreView Hybrid Connector, it is critical to run the Diagnostic Tool. This ensures that your environment meets all necessary requirements.

2. Hybrid Connector health check

After the Hybrid Connector is in place, the Diagnostic Tool acts as a means to assess the health of your configuration. Our Support team may ask you to run the Diagnostic Tool at any time to confirm that everything is functioning as expected.

3. Testing custom actions in Single-forest environments

In single forest setups, the Diagnostic Tool can validate whether custom actions will operate correctly within your environment.