How to view and create Teams private channels

  • Last update on October 18th, 2023

In this article, we'll explore various methods for viewing and creating private channels in any Teams group.

1. Using the Teams admin center

If you are a Teams admin, follow these steps:

  • Select a Teams group and then click on the “Channels” tab. You'll find private channels indicated under the “Type” column.

  • To add a new private channel, click on “Add” in the top-right corner of the tab. 

  • Enter a name for the channel and select the type as “Private”.
  • Select the owner(s) from existing members of the Teams group.

If you're already a Teams owner and want to create a private channel, refer to this MSDN article: Create standard and private channels in Teams.

2. Using PowerShell

Before you begin, make sure to install the latest Microsoft Teams PowerShell module. Then, run the following command to connect to the Teams module:


Create a new Private channel in an existing Team

New-TeamChannel -GroupId fba2668a-ec8e-40fa-adc8-1bd6e8452231 -DisplayName "Production Team"
-MembershipType Private -Owner ""

Output in Teams admin center:

GroupId: this is the ID of the team where you're adding the new channel. To find the group ID use the following PowerShell cmdlet:

(Get-Team -DisplayName "Arun-SourcePvtTeam").GroupId

MembershipType: this is the channel membership type, which can be either “Standard” or “Private”. 

Owner:  Provide UPN of the user who is already available in the existing team’s membership.

For more information, please refer to this MSDN article: New-TeamChannel.

3. Using CoreView

  • Go to the CoreView portal 
  • Under “Report”, select “Teams” and then “Teams channel”.
  • This will display all Teams groups and their channels. 
  • Make sure the “Team group name” and “MembershipType” columns are visible by selecting them from the dropdown menu.
  • Filter for the group name you're interested in under the “Team group name” column.
  • Under the “MembershipType” column, you will see if there are any private groups.

How to create new private channels in Teams using CoreView:

  • Under “Reports > Teams”, select “Teams groups”.
  • Click on the Teams group's display name to see its details and channels
  • Select the “Channels” tab, then click on the “Create Teams group channel” action. 
  • In the “Type” field, select “Private” from the dropdown menu and click “Submit”.

You don't need a Teams admin role to carry out these operations in CoreView, as long as you have the correct permissions and roles.