Enable the “Advanced” management session

  • Last update on November 17th, 2023

To enable the “Advanced” management session in order to delegate management action execution to other operators without providing them with the credentials for the Admin Center, follow the steps below:

Step 1: preparing for the activity

Credentials used to activate the management in the “Advanced” mode should not have MFA enabled because they are used behind the scenes by back-end services.  But the management user could be covered by the company policies or conditional access enabled that requires MFA for all the Global Admin and privileged accounts, including the 4ward365.admin/coreview.admin account. This will also cause issues when trying to activate the Management Session.  

Check the policy

To resolve this problem, you need to check what is the policy that is currently blocking the access of our management account by using the what if analysis on 4ward365.admin/coreview.admin account


Configure allowed IPs

Then, please follow a simple manual procedure to configure allowed IPs for our management user (4ward365.admin/coreview.admin) and MFA will be mandatory outside of it.

Note: in case the policy is enabled, you won't see that the MFA is enabled for the users from the Azure Active Directory Admin center. 


Step 2: Turn on the “Default” mode

To enable the “Advanced” management session, first turn on the session using the “Default” mode.

Enable the management session instructions

Enable the management session

Follow these instructions if the “Advanced” management session has not been enabled in your tenant.
For further information refer to the CoreView Management Session documentation.


The management session needs to be active when performing management actions, custom actions and workflows.


How to enable the management session

To activate the “Management” for the first time, you must:

  1. Enter the credentials of a Global Admin without Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) enabled.
  2. Select the green “Turn on management session” button. 

Enabling the management session can require some time, normally a few minutes. Once it is enabled, the header will show the ‘Management ON’ message. Clicking on that, operators can view further details and turn it off.  


Once the management session is active, open the management session section to reveal the configuration. 

Step 3: Turn on the “Enable Advanced management” and the “Auto-enable management session” toggles

Then, you can activate:

The Enable advanced management toggle

This will allow operators with a “Management” role to activate the management session without logging in with Microsoft 365 Admin Center credentials.

Each management session will expire after two hours following the execution of the last management action. 


The Auto-enable management session toggle

This option allows CoreView to automatically activate the management session whenever operators initiate a management action. This feature is beneficial as it eliminates the need to manually turn on the management session before executing any management actions.

Please be aware that if you choose to use the auto-enable feature, your management action may take longer to execute since the enablement of the management session requires some time.