Audit: interface and navigation

  • Last update on September 6th, 2023

Navigating the “Audit” section of your interface is made easy and intuitive with the instructions detailed in the following sections.

Access Audit section

You can reach the “Audit” section from the sidebar, as shown in the picture below:

This screenshot shows how to access the Audit section
Audit section accessed from the sidebar.

With a simple click on the expand icon, the menu will expand, showing the different sections you have access to. As shown below these sections are: 

This screenshot shows how to access the different Audit sections
Expanded Audit sections.

When you click on each item, the corresponding page will be displayed. For instance, clicking “Audit activities” will have you land on the related page:

This screenshot shows how to access one of the reports of the Audit section
Example of Audit report.


Each section allows for different actions, such as managing and organizing Audit reports and visualizing them.