Register on the Allbound portal

  • Last update on March 11th, 2024

Registration must be completed by each user and can be done on your own.

Step 1: access the registration form

Simply access the link

Click on “Request an account”.

Step 2: fill the information

Enter your corporate email address.

Remember that the account will be created if the domain of your email address matches that of your company: therefore, always use your business email.


Fill in all the required fields.

Select your role

  • Partner sales: if your activities are sales-related 
  • Partner tech: if your activities are technical 
  • Partner sales & tech: if your activities are a mix of both

Keep in mind that based on the role you select, you will see training that is appropriate for your role.


Accept the terms and conditions, then click on “Register”.

Step 3: activate your account

You will receive a confirmation email. Click on the link within the email to activate your account.
Once you have logged in, you will access the portal.