Release 20.02: Key Features:

  • Last update on September 19th, 2023

CoreView Platform updates in Release 20.02

  • Reduce security risk with new report: “Risk Detections”
    • New report of “Risk Detections” of user and linked sign-in attempts. Data collected using the recently released Microsoft API which CoreView utilizes along with additional metadata (tags) to identify safe and risky sign-ins, both successful and unsuccessful. This powerful CoreView feature allows for enforcement of policies with automated controls to secure your O365 environment and its associated users and organizational data.
  • New Actions on Hybrid Agent for Group management 
    • CoreView now manages the Distribution & Security Groups for Office 365, as part of configuring on-premises Exchange, O365, and mixed environments.
  • CoreFlow now available with Multiple Languages 
    • CoreFlow now available with Multiple Languages CoreFlow, in addition to the full CoreView Suite, now supports multiple languages including French, German, and Italian to support customers around the world.
  • Improved Stability and Performance of the overall Platform 
    • The CoreView platform continues to evolve, not only with expanded functionality, but also in its capacity to support more types of environments of different sizes.