Objects attributes imported by the process

  • Last update on September 15th, 2023

The other steps you can enable in your import process will import the object’s properties listed in the following tables, where you can find the original names and the “friendly names” shown in the CoreView portal.

For Organizational Units


For User objects

Original name CoreView column
UserPrincipalName Login Name
GivenName First Name
Sn Last Name
L City
C Country alp code
Department Department
physicaldeliveryofficename Office
PostalCode Postal code
St State
StreetAddress Street address
Title Title
DisplayName Full name
facsimiletelephonenumber Fax
Mobile Mobile phone
Telephonenumber Phone number
WhenCreated Creation Date
DistinguishedName we use it to set the fields: "On-Premises distinguished name" and "Organizational unit"
Lastlogontimestamp AD last logon date
ObjectGUID we use it to calculate the field: "Immutable Id"
whenChanged When changed (utc)
Proxyaddresses we use it to extract the field: "Primary SMTP address"
Lockouttime On-Premises locked out
userAccountControl we use it to define different fields: "On-Premises enabled" and "On-Premises password never expires"
sAMAccountName On-Premises sam account name
msDS-UserPasswordExpiryTimeComputed On-Premises password expiration date
objectSid On-Premises security identifier
pwdLastSet On-Premises reset password on next logon
employeeID Employee Id
employeeNumber Employee Number
accountExpires On-Premises Account Expiration

Note that if you configured Extension Attribute mappings, CoreView will also import the additional attribute you mapped.


For Groups objects

Original name CoreView column
objectSid On-Premises security identifier
DistinguishedName Distinguished name
groupType Group scope
Name Name
DisplayName Display Name
Description Description
mailNickname we use it to set the field: "Alias"
Mail Mail
WhenCreated When created (utc)
whenChanged When changed (utc)
SidHistory we don't store it. we use it to understand if a group has been moved from a domain into another domain
proxyAddresses we use it to extract the field: "Primary SMTP address"

Note that CoreView Hybrid Connector can handle only the following attribute types: string, integer, date, and boolean.