Install a baseline tenant

  • Last update on June 10th, 2024

This is the process within Simeon Cloud to install a baseline tenant, including if it's the first tenant you are installing.

Get ready for baseline tenant installation

First, ensure that you are properly prepared for baseline tenant installation.

Installation steps 

The following steps will guide you through the installation process. For each step, an in-depth article is provided and linked:

Single page: installation process.

Basic settings

Define the domain and display name of your tenant.

Basic settings: tenant domain and display name.


The baseline is an M365 tenant that contains a set of configurations to which your tenants will align.  

Simeon Cloud requires at least one baseline be installed.


Please note that:

  • If you are installing your first tenant, this will be a baseline.
  • You can install as many additional baselines as you need.
Selecting a baseline.

To install a tenant as a baseline, this box should be left empty:


Authentication method

Choose the method by which Simeon authenticates into the tenant: Service Account or Delegated Authentication.

This is an important choice and should be aligned with your organization's security posture. Don't be caught unprepared! Refer to our guide to help you decide. 

Authentication method: selection.

Service Principal authentication

A Service Principal is required to assist in tenant authentication and configuration management. 

Simeon will create a service principal in the tenant at install time. If you would prefer, you can bring your own custom service principal!

Use custom service principal option.

Link an Azure subscription

Enable this option if you have an Azure subscription in the tenant and would like Simeon to manage the configurations associated with that subscription. 

Link an Azure Subscription option.

Approval group selection

Choose which group of users has the authority to approve or reject changes made to the tenant configurations. Please note that the default group is ”Contributors”.

Selection of approval group.

You will be able to change the tenant name, authentication method, custom service principal, the link to the Azure Subscription, agent pool, and approval group at a later time.


Launch the installation 

When everything is configured, you can launch the installation by pressing Install.

Launch the installation.