CoreView Professional: Interface and navigation

  • Last update on February 8th, 2024

The Professional package equips you with various tools designed to facilitate the management of your tenant. This article aims to guide you in identifying the features available to you and their locations within the CoreView app.

Interface and navigation

The side panel menu grants you access to the following items:

  • Governance center
  • Favorite reports
  • Reports
  • Actions
  • Settings

Governance center

The Governance center is a set of widget-based dashboards that offer a comprehensive snapshot of the governance of your Microsoft 365 environment. Serving as a single pane of glass, it provides a consolidated view across all playbooks and policies. For further details, please refer to the “Governance center: Interface and navigation” article.

Favorite reports

This section contains all the reports that you have marked with a star, allowing for easy access.


Here, you'll find pre-built reports, which span a variety of topics and promote efficient organization. Each report includes a suite of standard features, allowing you to duplicate, save, or add it to your favorites.

For more information, please visit the “Reports” section.


In this section, you'll find three distinct types of actions that can be executed within the CoreView application:

  • Management actions: these are CoreView's predefined actions that enable you to manage objects (like users, groups, devices) in various ways (such as create, edit, delete).
  • Custom actions: these allow you to execute and delegate your PowerShell scripts within CoreView.
  • Workflows: a workflow is a sequence of actions configured to perform tasks. These can include both management and custom actions.

To complete the list, the “Task progress” is the section where you can monitor the execution of all actions above.


This section contains the following sub-items:

  • Organization settings
  • Playbooks
  • Operators
  • Permissions
  • Audit log 

Organization settings

In this section, you can manage or view details about your organization. For more information about the different tabs available in this section, please follow the links below:


This section can only be accessed by Tenants Admins and Playbook Admins with relative permissions. For more information, please refer to the “New Playbook roles” article.


This section takes you to your “Playbook Policy Library”. On the left side, you can select the policies you wish to view. Each policy is displayed within a “Policy Box”.

Within this box, depending on your role and permissions you can perform actions such as accessing full reports, enabling policies and remediations, setting policies as public, or editing policies.

Policy Box


This section allows you to create, delete, and manage your operators. For more details, please visit the “Organize and manage operators” section. 


Here, you can define the actions an operator can perform within CoreView. Creating permissions is essential to ensure that every operator has the appropriate access to perform their activities.  

For more information on how to create permissions and assign them to operators, please visit the “Permissions” section.

Audit log

Here, you'll find a list of all activities performed in CoreView. This enables you to track and monitor actions performed by every operator. For additional information, please refer to the “CoreView audit log” article.