Playbooks: interface and navigation

  • Last update on November 17th, 2023

How to access playbooks from the sidebar

You can access playbooks from two separate locations on the sidebar:

  • PLAYBOOKS Parent Category  
    By clicking here, you will see, in the following order:
    1. Out-of-the-Box playbooks
    2. Custom playbooks
    3. Custom dashboards  
  • Under SETTINGS  
    From this section, users will be directed to the Playbook Policy Library where they can manage playbooks.

Operators assigned the “Playbook Manager” or “Playbook Global View-only” role will not be able to see any playbook under the Playbook section in the menu until a Tenant admin grants them specific Playbook permissions. Moreover, they can't have access to the Playbook section under “Settings".


Custom dashboards migrated from LegacyUX are the equivalent of Custom playbooks in NewUX; while KPIs migrated from LegacyUX are the equivalent of policies in NewUX.


Playbook dashboards

When selecting a playbook from the Playbook parent category, you can see three different dashboards:

  1. Strategic dashboard
  2. Operational dashboard
  3. Monitoring dashboard

From these dashboards, you can perform monitoring and management activities for your playbooks.

Remember that tenant admins can see all the dashboards, while operators can only access the Monitoring dashboard (if they have received permission to do so)!


Playbook Policy Library

This section lets tenant admins manage their playbooks.

On the left side, a Filter Assistant enables you to select the policies you want to view: 

  • Show CoreView playbook policies: these are the Out-of-the-Box, predefined playbook policies created by CoreView.
  • Show custom playbook policiesthese are the custom playbook policies created by your company.
  • Show legacy custom dashboards: custom dashboards are the equivalent of Custom playbooks in LegacyUX.
  • Other filters: by clicking on “Other filters” in the bottom right corner of the Filter Assistant tab, you can select policies based on their status (for example, Enable policies, Enable remediations, Set as public) or filter them by category (for example, Guests or Users).

Policy Box

Once you’ve set up the filters, the Playbook Policy Library page will display all matching policies, each inside a Policy Box. Within the box, you can execute multiple actions, such as: going to Full Reports, enabling policies and remediations, setting policies as public, and editing policies. 

Policy boxes can also be accessed from the Monitoring dashboard.

Please note, that depending on the user's role and permissions, some actions might appear greyed out. For more information about the Policy Box, please visit the “New Playbook roles” article.