Widgets and reports

  • Last update on January 17th, 2024

Table of Contents

From the widget, click:

  1. The pencil icon to customize the widget.
  2. The policy name to modify the policy or see its configuration.
  3. The "X more items" link to view all policies in the widget and those not displayed.
  4. The "See details" link to access the complete report.


By clicking on "See details" you access the full report.

In the report, the following information is displayed for each enabled policy:

  • Status: compliant or non-compliant with the set threshold.
  • Number of matched items detected and their percentage compared to all items.
  • Configured threshold for that policy.
  • Actions that can be performed on the policy (Manage exception and Edit policy).

By clicking on the policy name in the "Policy Name" column, you will be directed to the "Edit policy settings" panel. This option is available only for Tenant Admins.


By clicking on the values in the "Total count" column or in the "Total count in percentage" column, you will access a report that lists all detected matched items.

From this modal, you can also set exceptions. If the policy is enabled, you can also run the remediation or preview the associated remediation.